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Stephen Zheng (with the assistance of a cartoon woodland creature) explains the science and history of anaesthesia for Ted-Ed.

Spoiler: it may seem like you’re asleep, but you’re not.


Access to common procedures such as cataract surgery and varicose vein treatment is to be restricted under proposals from the State’s health watchdog.

The Health Information and Quality Authority has published a series of reports which propose specific thresholds to be met before a patient could avail of treatment for certain conditions in the hospital system.

The proposals, which were drawn up at the behest of the HSE, would radically reduce waiting lists. However, they may be interpreted as an attempt to massage the HSE’s performance figures. Last year, almost 50,000 patients were on waiting lists for elective procedures.

Less than seven episodes of tonsillitis in the last year? Too bad.

Worried about the look of those varicose veins? Get used to ’em.

Anything less than persistent and/or frequent upper respiratory tract symptoms? You’re keeping those adenoids, kid.


State planning to restrict access to surgical treatment (Paul Cullen, Irish Times)