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72 year old artist Bob Potts uses hand-crafted gears, cranks and chains at his workshop – a 19th century barn in upstate New York – to create wonderful kinetic sculptures mimicking the flight of birds and insects and the swimming motions of fish.

The finished pieces are assembled in collaboration with his friend, painter and sculptor George Rhoads.



Killarney Adventure Race is an epic one day multi adventure sport race taking place in “the adventure capital of Ireland”, Killarney, County Kerry.

The race gives competitors the chance to run, hike, cycle AND kayak some of the most dramatic, breath-taking and remote scenery in the world.

Four events.

You have until October.



A traditional leap (using hi-tech headcams) over the rocks at Bullock/Bulloch Harbour, Dalkey, Co Dublin, on the first warm day of the year (today).

Featuring Conor Byrne, David Reddy and Emma English.

Damn Speedo-clad, life-affirming hipsters

Thanks Emma


Dude swims across the Grand Canal, Dublin, in his underpants today.

Have a guess which boozer he was swimming over to?

Rhymes with ‘large’

Thanks John McMahon.