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Nimuno Loops – reuseable building block-compatible  tape that makes any surface, eh,  LEGO-able.

The brainchild of Cape Town-based designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, currently massively overfunded on Indiegogo and therefore highly likely to be an actual thing you can buy.



Blank Tape, a documentary on the return of cassette as a leading physical format in experimental electronic music.

Writes Anton Spice:

Rather than make a film about the so-called “tape revival”, we wanted to hear from the makers themselves to understand what it is about tape that remains so attractive. It features labels like Sacred Tapes, Tesla Tapes and Astro:Dynamics, Warp distributors Bleep and producers Helm and Ekoplekz whose music has sprung the underground to find a home on PAN and Planet Mu.


The Vinyl Factory

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Director Jonathan Chong of Dropbear recommissions 240 audio cassettes, 1700m of video tape, 108 floppy discs and an old  Walkman in a stop motion video for Australian DJ Opiuo’s Quack Fat (from the album Meraki).

Proper old school.

Making-of featurette here.


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Behold: GaffGun – the ‘single greatest advancement in gaffer tape since tape was invented’.

A performance more satisfying to watch than many gigs, in fairness.

(H/T: Graeme Kelly)




Last night, Vincent Browne played the Michael Lowry tape from his flash new studio.

On the panel were Sam Smyth, Elaine Byrne and Conor Ryan.

Browne, Smyth, and Byrne have all had legal proceedings set against them by Denis O’Brien.

And it is surely only a matter of time before Ryan gets a ‘letter’.

Listen to the expletive-laden Lowry phonecall here (go to 14.10)..

Via Michael Lowry Facebook


Unfortunately, we only caught the last few seconds, in which Mr Lowry told Seamus Martin he’d like to get hold of the tape to check its veracity, before adding:

“As far as I’m concerned all the inquiries and the investigations have been conducted. The report on the Moriarty Tribunal is two years old. It was published, it was put before the Dáil, the Government of the day. And the members of the Oireachtas sent that report to the relevant authorities. So any questions that are being asked, to be asked, in that regard would be dealt with by me, through the appropriate channels.”

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He Can Only Be Found In Tipperary Star

Does That Not Concern You?

A selection from a project called Scotch Tape by photographer Wes Naman – tape-warped real life caricatures.

That’s Chris O’Dowd at the top there.

No it’s not.

With Smushed-Face Photos, Grotesque Hilarity Ensues (Wired)



The Duck Tape company’s brilliantly executed new Tron style duct tape ad. The game has changed (well, for the first 22 seconds anyway).