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A new form of body ink from tech startup Ephemeral creates regular looking ‘trial’ tattoos that fade after a year (or sooner).

Apparently, the molecules of traditional tattoo dyes are too large for the immune system to eliminate, hence the permanence of the mark. Ephemeral’s smaller dye molecules have a protective coating that breaks down after a year. The dye can also be neutralised by a special solution at any point.

While still testing the process, the company hopes to bring it to market by late 2017.


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And the occasional piercing.

No harm.

Donal Moloney writes:

Earlier this month the ‘Dublin Tattoo Convention‘ was held at The Red Cow Inn. After a few emails and some arm twisting, I managed to secure a tiny corner of the room where I could set up a makeshift studio. Surely there had to be some very interesting characters attending? I was not disappointed….

Donal Moloney (Facebook)