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clem-chen-bike-seat-sculptures-designboom02 clem-chen-bike-seat-sculptures-designboom03clem-chen-bike-seat-sculptures-designboom04clem-chen-bike-seat-sculptures-designboom06
Two sculptures entitled ‘Bite It’ and ‘Pink Eye’ (for obvious reasons) by Canadian designer Clem Chen.

The carved out seats – augmented with plastic cast taxidermy moulds and epoxy putty – were made for the ‘Saddle Up!’ show at Vancouver’s Hot Wet City Art Gallery where donated bike seats were modified and reinterpreted by various artists.


984x588-4zGAfx0cfhx75WBx 984x588-GRDykyZl0QBSbloqavian-architecture-and-bird-hairdos-by-karley-feaver-designboom-07 avian-architecture-and-bird-hairdos-by-karley-feaver-designboom-14 avian-architecture-and-bird-hairdos-by-karley-feaver-designboom-13 avian-architecture-and-bird-hairdos-by-karley-feaver-designboom-10New Zealand artist Karley Feaver transforms ‘ethically sourced’ birds who have died of natural causes into bling-ass deceased avian fashionistas accessorised with mohawks, ponytails, dreads and gold paint.

Of the 2013 project, entitled Becoming Otherwise, she sez:

“I am interested in the scientific, intellectual and aesthetic reasons behind the re-creation of the animal. I am exploring how each one could exist in a domestic setting by adapting to their surroundings. Through this, my investigations of the animals have developed by morphing animals and other various objects into newly formed creations”.

Becoming Otherwise gallery.


supfox“Untitled” by Arlene McPadden, winner of the Model Niland Residency Award at the 2013 RDS Student Art Awards currently exhibiting at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Full gallery here

(Pic: Oisín Kane)

PELT-MOBILE SPOTTED Taxidermy-Truck-02 Taxidermy-Truck-03 Taxidermy-Truck-04 Taxidermy-Truck-05 Taxidermy-Truck-09Photographer Diane Dodd’s pictures of a trapper’s pickup in a Savannah Georgia parking lot, adorned with the pelts and stuffed carcasses of his prey (including an obligatory bullfrog sucking on a bottle of Jack Daniels)


A widow, paying her last respects to her husband, invites a team of funeral directors to an apartment filled with dead things.

A 2011 short from Supinfocom Arles students Paulin Cointot, Dorianne Fibleuil, Antoine Robert and Maud Sertour.


A distinctly Seussian selection from the adorably disturbing fantasy ‘taxidermy’ of sculptor Carl ‘Biscuitboy’ Turner who proudly presents:

A series of reconstructions based upon records and illustrations brought back by Erasmus P Jiggins, junior zoological officer on the 1863 voyage headed by Sir Bartholomew Scoffer to the remote island in the Pacific known by its indigenous population as Zuzu Batu.

You can peruse the Scoffer’s Island backstory here.