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From top: Tesco; SuperValu


Bonkers writes:

Following on from your Easons/Amazon post yesterday here is another one.

My absolute favourite cheese for topping homemade burgers is smoked applewood. In Supervalu it costs 2.99 for 150g which works out at 19.93 a kilo.

Whereas over in Tesco 185g of smoked applewood cheese, imported from the UK, will cost you 1.38 or 7.46 per kilo. 6

By my calculation this product is 167% more expensive in Supervalu than it is in Tesco.

Hooray for British cheese I say.


Yesterday: Eason/Amazon


From top: Phisboro Tower; Surface parking to be left untouched; new student accomodation next to the shopping centre.

Living in Dublin 7?

Read on.

The Scarlet Phibsbernel writes:

Phibsboro Tower, voted recently as the 2nd ugliest building in Dublin [after the now condemned Hawkins House], is to remain for future generations to enjoy.

The Shopping Centre’s new owner has submitted an ambitious plan involving modern student housing blocks, new civic plazas and enhanced accessibility from the village.

An island of dilapidated Continuity in the plan is Tesco Phibsboro (one of the most ancient and profitable branches in the country) who have apparently blocked a real effort to renew or replace the hated Tower and the masses of surface car parking, using their interestingly named “Tesco Covenant”: A legal veto against anything deemed to threaten their profits, the primacy of the car in Phibsborough, or local improvement.

Does the readership know a single other large city centre development in recent times where surface parking has not been relocated underground? Seems like a real lost opportunity to properly modernise this site.


One of Dublin’s ugliest buildings retained in Phibsborough shopping centre plan (Irish Times)


Laura Gaynor asks:

Tesco Temple Bar now stocks eleven different varieties of houmous. Have we gotten too ahead of ourselves? For reference, they are very scarce on other far superior sauces such as Pesto and Sour Cream.