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Via Daft:

“Lovely SELF CONTAINED BEDROOM available for rent in the foothills of the Dublin mountains. The double room is equipped with Fridge, Microwave, Toaster and Electric Kettle. There is also full use of your own Private Bathroom.

There will be NO ACCESS to the main kitchen.”


Kiltipper Rise, Kiltipper Gate, Tallaght, Dublin 24 (Daft)

Thanks Daisy Chainsaw

We Are 900,000

A campaigning start-up for the one in five who will spend this evening in a Crying Chair or on a sofa watching BBC 2’s Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico with the ‘old dears’.

Mark Dempsey writes:

We are a group of Designers, Writers and Activists that live and rent in Dublin City. We have witnessed first hand the broad spectrum impact rising rents are having on people’s daily lives.

Whether that is the stress and strain of finding affordable accommodation within your budget or worried about the impact of rising rents on a fixed income, the worry of falling into homelessness or experiencing a job loss due an inability to find suitable affordable accommodation.

Weare900000.ie is a non-profit startup with the aim creating a grassroots movement of people in rental accommodation in the Republic Ireland that will work toward effecting positive change in government policy to create a fair, sustainable and affordable rental market over the longer term.

There is roughly 900,000 people in rental accommodation in the Republic of Ireland with roughly 500,000 people in their 20s and 30s living with their parents. There is no single direct representative group engaging these constituencies into positive action to have their long term rental and housing needs met.

The goal of this project is to digitally engage these constituencies and consolidate them around rental policy to reach a critical mass of people that will facilitate us engaging with government as a group to have asymmetric government policy put to an end.

We need a rental market that offers security of tenure and sustainable affordable rents, if we are to have a fully functioning society and economy over the longer term.

As such, we have a newly launched sign up website )al lonk below) that is in stage 1of a 3 stage process which will be developed into an information and digital platform for people who rent or intend to rent in this country.

You’re on notice, landlords.

*double locks door*



Are you looking for a decent gaff?

Do you seek a decent houseshare?

Are you a decent landlord?

Decent Gaffs is a new, completely FREE service for those renting a room/houseshare.

OR for those seeking a room/houseshare.

Your free ad will appear daily on Broadsheet and be mulled over by literally thousands of prospective landlords and tenants.

Broadcaster Laura Gaynor, whose flat-hunting experiences, prompted Decent Gaffs, will compile a daily list of tenants and landlords looking to hook up.

Consider it a Tinder Grinder lonely hearts column for the letting market

‘Laura’s List’ will appear on the site at midday Monday-Friday.

So if you are looking for a place, this is how you can frame your ad (real examples).

Freddie, 21, looking for house/apartment for three people around Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin area. Hard-working, non-party people working in film industry. Honest and reliable, love animals. Can film your wedding and events.  Can pay: 2,500

Shligo Shtunner, 20, Male, 36 YouTube subscriber, intellectually average, lives single at home with parents, dreams of becoming a professional gamer in an appropriately sized apartment in Sligo containing at least 1 normal sized bedroom, owned by a normal sized landlord. Can pay: €700

Irish lass early 20’s, artsy soul, hails from the north, looking to rent in Dublin city, comes with class banana bread, Can pay: 550 – 650

Send your ad to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Decent Gaffs/tenant’

If you are renting a room or a houseshare please contact Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Decent Gaffs/renting’.

(Before 11am Mon-Fri. No fee)

Thanks Laura



Enjaye writes:

Check out this dump. €850 a month for this gateway to hell. Wouldn’t put a dog in there. Nerve of whoever is looking to exploit desperate renters by describing it as a …

‘…Beautiful apartment to let in a clean, quiet, well maintained house on North Circular Road. Studio apartment. Newly painted and decorated. Totally self contained. Fully fitted kitchen with microwave, oven, washer/dryer. En suite attached. Suit single person only.’

Stiudio: North Circular Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7 (Daft)


Michaél McGloughlin tweetz:

.€10,000 deposit and No Kitchen!

Fair enough.

19 Grace park road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 (Daft)

Thanks Jan Quadrant Vincent



Barbara McCarthy writes:

This landlord has increased the rent from €2,450 to €2,950, reduced it by 300 then increased it by a further  €800... within 10 days. 2 bed for €3,450.

I’m emailing all landlords on daft.ie who are taking the complete and utter piss and making it impossible for people to find decent homes to live in, close to things they need. Please Feel free to do the same. #NoMoreRipOffRents.

Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin (Daft)


PodcastCover Tunein

From top: Part of a Twitter project organised by the Dublin Tenants’ Association; William Campbell

A new episiode of William Campbell’s excellent Irish current affairs Here’s How podcast looks at rubbish and wicked landlords.

Wiilliam writes:

The podcast features Mick Byrne of the Dublin Tenants’ Association telling renters’ horror stories and discussing what can be done to improve the situation.

Listen here

Dublin Tenants’ Association (Facebook)



Dublin’s rental crisis.

Private tenants get their hashtag on.


Sive Bresnihan writes:

Sky-high rents, chronic mould and regular evictions. These are just some of the problems tenants are sharing via social media as part of the #rentripoff campaign.

The campaign was launched by the Dublin Tenants Association, a support and advocacy group for tenants in the private rented sector.

The DTA have launched the campaign to get public support behind their submission to the government’s Oireachtas Committee on Housing and Homelessness. The submission calls for the immediate introduction of measures to regulate rent increases and to provide security of tenure for tenants.

Using the #rentripoff tenants have already shared stories of 75% rent increases, repeated evictions and dreadful conditions.

The DTA are calling for rent certainty measures to link rent increases to the Consumer Price Index, echoing similar proposals from Threshold and housing experts like DIT’s Dr. Lorcan Sirr. The DTA are also calling for a number of measures to strengthen security of tenure:

End the ‘grace period’ whereby landlords can end a tenancy at any time during the first 6 months without any reason;

End the right or landlords to end a tenancy because they require the property for family use

End the right of landlords to end a tenancy due to sale of property.


Dublin Tenants Association


Rent controls?


What then?

It is common practice for rental adverts to say that rent supplement is not accepted, but the Coalition is seeking to prohibit that practice.It is expected that the measure will be enacted with an amendment of equality legislation shortly.

Well, it’s a start.

Over to you so-called landlords.

Government moves to prohibit refusal of rent supplement (Daft)


Business during the day.

Attractive dinner venue.

Romantic love nest at night.

Ronan writes:

Doing some house hunting when I stumbled upon this beaut. Sitting room, dining room and bedroom also comes equipped with a set of crying chairs….

Talbot Hall, Dublin 1 (Daft)