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The Echo Chamber podcast

Hosts Tony Groves and Martin McMahon meet the man behind Callan’s Kicks, the leader of the Late Late Show Band and creator of Kilkenomics, Paddy Cullivan (top left with Martin).

Paddy discusses the failed rugby World Cup bid, Fine Gael’s twitter meltdown and his ideas about fixing the country.

The Echo Chamber

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The Echo Chamber Podcast.

A special edition of the Tweet-based podcast as Tony Groves interviews economist Constantin Gurdgiev in a car travelling to last weekend’s Kilkenomics festival in Kilkenny.

Constantin offers his insights into the relationship between mainstream and social media, the difference between RTÉ and BBC and what we didn’t learn from the financial crisis.

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The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber podcast.

Episode 6.

Hosts Martin McMahon (top centre) and Tony Groves (top right) meet Ken Foxe (top left), journalist, academic and Freedom of Information warrior.

You’ll like him.

The Echo Chamber


In fairness.

The Echo Chamber

Fearless and authentic social justice warrior Izzy Kamikaze (top left) joins Tony Groves (top right) and Martin McMahon to discuss the impact made by her friends, historian Catherine Corless and the late Dara Quigley.

The Echo Chamber


Martin McMahon’s image of Dara Quigley mentioned on the podcast.

The Echo Chamber.

Just ‘dropped’.

The informative, common sense-stuffed, weekly 30-minute podcast returns with Tony Groves (top left) and Martin McMahon deliberating on Ophelia, The Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis, Tweet stealing and why we really don’t know what a tracker mortgage scandal is. Yet.

Contains: Facts, gags and one penis mention.

The Echo Chamber