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Last night.

Clontarf Castle, Dublin 3.

Several hundred people attended a Pro Life meeting  to hear various speakers, including businessman Declan Ganley, journalist John Waters, Niamh UiBhriain of Save the 8th and Vicki Wall of Every Life Counts, speak in favour of voting No in the Referendum on the Eight Amendment of the Constitution.

Via Independent.ie

Playwright, author and journalist John Waters accused pro-choice campaigners and the media and of using ‘sleight of hand’ tricks “to conceal the truth”.

“We don’t have a press anymore,” he said to more raucous applause.

Everything is lies, everything is twisted. That’s that you have to get across to people,” he added.

He likened the very notion of holding the referendum on repealing the 8th to the sinister prospect of holding a referendum on exterminating the homeless as a means of dealing with the homeless and housing crisis.

“We don’t have the right to tamper with these things,” he said.;

“If you mark yes (on the ballot), that pencil becomes a knife,” he concluded to a standing ovation.


From top: John Waters and Declan Ganley, John Waters, Declan Ganley, Niamh UiBhriain, Vicki Wall, John Waters and David Quinn.

Monster’ pro-life meeting hears from number of high-profile speakers (Alison brya, Indpendent.ie)


This afternoon.

Moore Street, Dublin 1

The launch of Amnesty’s ‘It’s Time To Talk’ campaign urging a Yes vote in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

From left: Independent Senator Lynn Ruane, Minister for Health Simon Harris, Grainne Griffin, co-director of Together for Yes and Amnesty International Ireland Executive Director Colm O’Gorman.



This afternoon.

The Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2

Louise Dunleavy with her daughter Ava at a Save the Eighth Press Conference. Louise had a condition called Spinal Epidural Abscess during her pregnancy.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


This afternoon.

Yes and No posters in central Dublin.

Earlier: Four Hours



This morning.

Uppoer Mount Street, Dublin 2

The official Together For Yes poster campaign for the upcoming Eighth Amendment abortion referendumreferendum.

The campaign’s Co-Director Grainne Griffin is up the pole is at top of ladder.

Together for Yes

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


The story of three pregnant women and the difficulties they encounter in the face of abortion laws in Ireland.

Written and Directed by Karl Callan.

Thanks Emma Fagen

Ken writes;

So what with the coming onslaught of (presumably US-funded) pro-life FB ads that will be hitting swing voters, but which the rest of us will apparently never see because we’re not targets, it occurred to me that one way this sort of stuff might be counteracted, or highlighted anyway, is by asking your readers to send in screen grabs of any dubious (or undubious) Repeal-related FB ads they are getting, and that way at least a light is being shone on what’s going on?

Above is an ad from a mate (I don’t get these, I get pounded by ‘Masterclass…’ ads), I have no idea if this is on the pro-life website, and I have no intention of checking, but it does look a bit dodgy to me, and chances are there are plenty more like it – it might even be worth setting up a FB profile that you think is likely to attract this sort of advertising.

I know you and the Irish Times don’t exactly get along, but Fintan O’Toole had a piece there a while ago about Kanto/Thomas Borwick [Brexit pollsters] which portented a ‘firestorm’ of social media ads – it would be sweet to see what these ads actually were?


Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin

Oscar Shandra-Penhaligon writes:

Spotted this curious poster (above) from the CPS (Children’s Protection Society) at the top of Mount Merrion Avenue along with “No” posters (top) using Perfidious Albion’s 1-in 5 experience as justification….

Apparently Mount Merrion is the only place where election posters are forbidden.

I guess that does not cover referendum or “other” campaigning.


Right Reverend Michael Burrows

‘…I for one gasped when I first heard the specific proposal that the Oireachtas might, if so enabled, legislate for terminations up to twelve weeks. I certainly accept that many people have considerable difficulty with this – indeed given the present composition of the Dáil such legislation might not be passed at all at this time.

However, it is the duty of legislators to look at the whole picture, to make laws for a society capable of facing the truth about itself.

The decisions of the Oireachtas do not change the teachings of the Church of Ireland or of any other church.

Even within Anglicanism there would be some significant ethical thinkers who would regard termination in the early weeks of pregnancy, if clinically guided, as differing in moral character from later terminations.

And as a parent I always ask myself … If my young adult daughter was in a crisis pregnancy, had been offered as much support as possible, and was well aware of the ethical aspects of her situation but still concluded that she wished to obtain abortifacients online, would I want her doing so in the absence of medical supervision?

That today is the tough question at the bottom of it all.

I will be voting for Repeal because I believe, as I did in 1983, that the text of the Eighth is incorrigibly flawed. While I may be anxious about what may happen next, I believe sufficiently in parliamentary democracy to hand the matter to legislators and indeed to trust them – that is their duty and their vocation.

As I said at the Citizens’ Assembly, it would be tragic if the cynicism that often seems (largely unfairly) to surround politicians made us less than mindful of the privilege of living in a parliamentary democracy.

It has always been the practice of the Church of Ireland to pray unceasingly for our legislators – in the coming months they may need that prayer perhaps more than ever.

The Right Reverend Michael Burrows, Church of Ireland Bishop of Cashel and Ossory

Bishop’s Letter – April 2018 (Diocese of Cashel and Ossory)

Thanks Annie West

From left: Eoghan Murphy TD, Fine Gael Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government and Simon Harris TD, Minister for Health, and Katherine Zappone TD, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, speak to media outside Government Buildings yesterday  regarding the date of the forthcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

Judith Goldberger writes:

It would seem that in the forthcoming Referendum the turnout of women and young people is critical to a “Yes” vote on repeal of the Eight Amendment and therefore on enacting any legislation that might following.

The now announced date of May 25th is to be welcomed from the latter perspective in particular, as it will enable eligible students to vote more easily. Let us hope so.

The late Maurice E Dockrell TD, during a 1975 Oireachtas debate on contraception, is alleged to have said “I’m for it, but I’m past it”.

The decision on May 25 should not be left to those who were never up for it in the first place whether they ever got to be past it or not. That has been the case previously.

Govt confirms referendum on Eighth Amendment will be held 25 May (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

This afternoon.

Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

A meeting of members of the The Medical Alliance for the Eighth, (an alliance of “doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals” who wish toisee the Eighth Amendment retained) and pro-life TDs.

Above from left: Dr. Andrew O’ Regan, Fianna Fáil TD, Mary Butler, Dr. Kirsten Fuller GP and Independent pro-life TD, Mattie McGrath.



Via TogetherforYes:

A number of leading medics have this morning stated that the 8th Amendment is causing unacceptable risk to women in Ireland, and have appealed for its removal so that doctors can provide adequate healthcare to their patients.

Drs Rhona Mahony, Mark Murphy and Susan Smith addressed a press conference in Dublin this morning, which was organised by the Together For Yes campaign.

Guest speaker at the event, Dr Rhona Mahony, consultant in foetal medicine, said:

“The result of the 8th Amendment is that women are forced to travel to another jurisdiction in very complex medical situations, but also increasingly women are taking the matter into their own hands and we now have a backstreet abortion in Ireland through access of pills secured via the internet and taken without any support or intervention. Something has to change because the 8th Amendment creates unacceptable clinical risk to women.”

Abortion Rights Campaign


Balbriggan, County Dublin

Sinn Féin TD Louise O’Reilly (pic2) joined  Fingal for Yes vote urging a yes vote in the forthcoming abortion referendum.

Sam Boal/RollingNews