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gatheringWish you’d bought one now?

Exiled Purchaser writes:

My [Annie West] Gathering poster is just out of its tube [hence curling],  what on god’s earth are you using for paper stock? The skin of some velvety woodland creature? Didn’t expect it tbh, Lovely. Anyone know where to get a nice (inexpensive) frame 35 by 25cm also?


The paper is 310 gsm ‘Hahnemühle Museum Grade Archival Paper’.

Inexpensive but decent framer anyone?

*sucks teeth*

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gauly89 sez:

Meet John Smith, current Toronto, CA resident and Leinster Rugby’s biggest fan. John has been a passionate supporter of Leinster Rugby all his life. Currently pursuing a better life for himself in Canada, John made this video to demonstrate his love for Leinster Rugby in an effort to get home for Leinster’s crucial Heineken Cup tie against Northampton Saints in the Aviva Stadium on December 14th.


(Thanks Fiona O’Donovan)

NIallNiall O’Dowd, of Irishcentral.com, above, believes The Gathering has been such a success, it should be an annual event.

He writes:

“The Irish Americans I spoke to and heard from lapped it up. It seemed authentic to them too, and the welcome they received at those events, where they tapped into the family tree, went down very well.”

“In a world grown more global and more corporate every passing year, to have these touchstones of family and community that millions of Americans yearn for is vitally important.”

“That is why The Gathering has been a success, like the Notre Dame game in Dublin last year which allowed tens of thousands of Irish Americans an occasion to travel back for and feel an intimate part of.”

“…So what should be the follow up to The Gathering? It seems simple — a long-term project in every village and town to preserve local history, to reach out to exiled sons and daughters and to create occasions every two years or so where the twain shall meet.

“Call it The Homecoming and extend it deliberately to every parish.”

“On the governmental level the intent should be to publicize and spread the word about such homecoming events and continue to try and drive more visitors through extended access such as flights from American Airlines and United Airlines achieved this summer, and new routes from Aer Lingus will next year.”


Brilliant global marketing strategy.

Or clover-soaked Fifth Avenue blarney?

YOU decide.

Why The Gathering may be Ireland’s greatest tourist success (Irish Central)

Pic: Advertiser.ie

photoMeanwhile, at the atm…

Who would I like to invite home for the Gathering? My hand freezes half way to selecting ‘withdraw €10′ . I can’t take my eyes away from the photograph of young women my age smiling over drinks. My friends are now scattered across the world – San Francisco, London, Brussels, Spain, Australia and even New Zealand. My tax money has paid for this ad, I realise. My friends’ tax money has paid for this ad….

A few evenings later, towards the end of the night I am chatting with a friend who’s home for a short visit. There is a pause in our conversation, during which she takes a deep breath, looks me in the eye and declares “I probably wouldn’t be saying this to you if I wasn’t a little drunk – but I really think you need to leave this city – there isn’t anything for you here. I love this place, it’s a great city, and I want to come back and raise my family here in a few more years, but even if you do get work – there are no people our age left here.” She gazes up and down the busy streets as if to prove her point and, I have to admit by doing so, she does.


A Day In The Life of ireland (Tangible Musings)

Thanks Maria

903078829030787690307866It’s their show. We’re just clattering in line with our arms by our sides.

John McColgan of Riverdance (top) and above, Jean Butler and Leo Varadkar and Moya Doherty at the launch of ‘The Gathering Riverdance weekend’ (which is this weekend) at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, today.

And for the announcement of the world record attempt to have the largest number of Riverdancers who will swap their dignity to promote a dance show to reel along the River Liffey.

Thanks, Farmleigh.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)






GathAsy6 gathering

Patron of the Irish Refugee Council and retired Supreme Court judge Catherine McGuinness, second from top, addresses asylum seekers, refugees, human rights supporters and members of the public at a protest outside the Department of Justice earlier today.

And, bottom picture, protesters gather outside the Dáil, Kildare Street, Dublin.

Earlier: An Asylum Seeker Writes

Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

Damn Egypts

Minister for tourism Leo Varadkar and Niall Gibbons, of Tourism ireland, celebrating earlier the greening of worldwide landmarks this St Patrick’s Day.

Hang on.

What’s that on Leo’s lapel?


Now they’re trying to piggy back on Aidan’s buke.

They will stop at NOTHING.

Pin via Adrian Cummins