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You may have seen and liked this.

The mini epic video of ‘No Plan’ by street musician Kristin Vollset aka The Musical Slave about life in a Dublin 8 horse yard has already garnered 86,000 views on YouTube or three times the population of the Liberties.

The ‘sheet asked Kirstin, from Bergen, Norway, if she would share her thoughts behind the making of the song.

Kirstin, who is expecting her first child this week, graciously replied:

”No Plan is  about the search for freedom. I left my home town to go on a road trip, because I was sick of my life, and wanted to go on an adventure and get back my feeling of freedom.

And then I ended up finding this community of horses and boys in a laneway in the centre of Dublin.

And it’s hard to explain, but the first time I saw them jockeying horses in the middle of the street, it lit the fire in my heart. It was like the horses and boys reminded me how life used to be when we made our own rules and didn’t need money to survive.

And I think having horses in the middle of the city actually makes a lot of sense. I think people need to feel this contact with nature, and that the horses remind us of our own wild nature, and remind us what it feels like to be free.

And there really is something magical about this laneway in Dublin 8. It’s more than just a group of horse yards, it’s a local meeting place where people catch up on the latest news, and there’s always something going on, with visitors from other horse yards, and always some conflict, or some water fight.

But even though there are problems, these people have so much love for each other, and there is a buzz here that you won’t find anywhere else.

And then there’s this group of 16 year old boys, who appear in the video. It was them who brought me to the Ballinasloe Horse Fair where I found my horse, and it was them who inspired me to write the song. (A few of them have even helped write 2 of the verses in the song).

And they are some of the smartest and funniest people I’ve met in my whole life. And they have this way of always being in the flow, and making crazy things happen in the middle of everyday life.

And it was the boys who taught me how to go “cruising” with the horses and the cars. And the art of cruising is an important part of the video. I want to show how cruising brings you into this zone where you don’t have to think and you can just enjoy being alive.

So the point is that these 16 year olds are actually on the ball, and they have something important to teach the world about life and about freedom.

And basically, we should all go cruising more often…Also I couldn’t have made the film without them, and thanks to these boys, the culture of the Dublin horse community will go down in history.”


The Musical Slave

Thanks Spencer


Mary O’Gorman writes:

“I am from Tad Bit Productions and we are doing a documentary on the St. Patrick’s Street area of the Liberties [Dublin]. We are looking for old photos that people might have of the area…Contact tadbitproductions@gmail.com or link below. Thank you.”

Tadbit Productions (Facebook)

Some of Dublin photographer Shane McCarthy’s sepia-soaked-yet-contemporary images taken in The Liberties, Dublin, which will be exhibited as part of Liberties Festival 2012 at Gallery Zozimus, 56 Francis Street, Dublin, tomorrow (Wednesday) until Saturday, July 21.

Taking Liberties (Shane McCarthy)

No cash, favours, etc. were given for this post but we know Shane.