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Damn Egypts

Minister for tourism Leo Varadkar and Niall Gibbons, of Tourism ireland, celebrating earlier the greening of worldwide landmarks this St Patrick’s Day.

Hang on.

What’s that on Leo’s lapel?


Now they’re trying to piggy back on Aidan’s buke.

They will stop at NOTHING.

Pin via Adrian Cummins

They said it shouldn’t be done.

But what do ‘they’ know?

The Broadsheet Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland (New Island) Edited by Aidan Coughlan, has literally ‘gone to press this morning.

It should be ready to purchase off the shelves by March 17.

The above cover was finally chosen after many tantrums, stormouts and resignations some discussion.

Thankfully it was a quiet night on the ‘news’ front.

Brian @waxiebanjo writes:

Longford/Leitrim border NYE, spotted on a stroll


The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like Ireland To Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

Ah here.

Broadsheet’s Aidan Coughlan (he of the US Election night bike trauma) is currently in high level negotiations with New Island books to bring this little gangster out before St Patrick’s Day.

He’s also contacting those of you who sent in unspecified items that look like Ireland to secure YOUR permission to use YOUR images in this lavishly illustrated coffee cup holder companion.

That’s not all.

Should the absurd endeavour make any money we will give it to a selected charidee of YOUR choice. Please send deserving causes suggestions marked ‘Ireland Charity Book” to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie (before Monday 7am).

Also: green or red?

Design and shape may change before publication. Cover photo: Courtesy of Lynn Donovan.

Clyde writes:

Hello my name is Clyde Delaney I’m a free lance cartoonist and I thought you might be interested in this gag, unfortunatley some magazines are not exactly prepared to publish? I hope you don’t feel that way!
Any excuse to play this

After partitiNOMNOMNOM

Alan Pollock writes:

Served up at Coffee Society on Camden Street [Dublin]. I’d say that this reflected the currant state of the nation, except for that it was a raspberry one.

The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like Ireland to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

“A Piece Of Red Brick From The Marconi Wireless Station near Clifden, Connemara, That Looks Like Ireland.” (Malachy Geelan)

“The Last Bit Of My Makeup That Looks Like Ireland.” (Jill O’Lone)

“Random Herbs Poured Into My Hand That Look Like Ireland.” (Sarah O’Loughlin)




“The Slice of lamb That Looks Like Ireland (with Bonus Cress leaf That Looks Like A Shamrock).” (Cliodhna Geraghty).

The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like Ireland to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie.