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The Dead Pigeon On A Branch That Looks Like Ireland (Tadhg O’Halloran)

Today marks the first day of production on the Broadsheet Book Of Things That Look Like Ireland (New Island).

We hope to have it unsold and existential on all good bukeshelves by March 17.

We have chosen Aware as the recipient of any proceeds should the book make anything that looks like money.

Aidan Coughlan, whose US election night bike wheel theft moved many of our readers last year, and researcher Elaine Herbert, a keen student of cartography, head up the book’s editing and publication team.

If you have any last minute unspecified things that look like Ireland Aidan and Elaine would love to hear from you. Images to  ireland@broadsheet.ie

Previously; So, We Had This Idea For A Buke

“The Tree In Kensington Gardens {London} That Looks Like Ireland.” (Therese O’Donoghue)

“The puddle in Auckland NZ That Looks Like Ireland With The Chewing Gum As the 6 counties.” (Ciara Byrne)

The Steak That Looks Like Ireland.” (James McAuley)

“The Chicken Nugget Discovered In New York That Looks Like Ireland.” (Deborah Gannon)

Things That Look Like Ireland to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

“The Map Of The Madrid Metro That Looks Looks A Little Bit Like Ireland But Uncannily Like Europe.” (Aengus Ó Maoláin)

“The Steak At A Friend’s Wedding That Looks Like Ireland.” (Paddy O’Connor)

“The Chipped Fower Pot Where The Chipped Bit Looks Like Ireland.” (Donal Donovan)

“The Orange Pana Cotta That Looks Like Ireland.” (Johnny Cox)

The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like ireland to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie