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The Winter PassingTipperary post-hardcore

What you may need to know…

01. Post-hardcore, indie, emo, and so forth: signifiers seem to make less difference to Tipp outfit The Winter Passing and their pristine pop as time goes on.

02. Having paid their dues over the past five years with endless Irish and UK touring, solo and in support of touring acts, the band last year released their debut album A Different Space of Mind.

03. Streaming above is the band’s new single, Significance, coming from the band’s upcoming E.P. Double Exposure, releasing through Big Scary Monsters in the U.K. in April.

04. Says guitarist Rob Flynn to DIY Magazine on the E.P.:

”This record is a lot more personal than any of our previous work. The songs touch on mental health and well-being themes, a central point being the anxiety caused by stability and instability in your life and dealing with your ability to ‘be ok’. This time the writing is more personal to each of us individually, and from a new stand-point in each other’s lives in comparison to ‘A Different Space of Mind’.”

Thoughts: Strident yet sensitive. Inspiring in its honesty, The Winter Passing’s perseverance is reaping its just reward.

The Winter Passing


Gavin DoyleTipperary beatmaker and MC

What you may need to know…

01. Behind the mic, he’s Gavin DaVinci, but under his own name, Tipp man Gavin Doyle is fairly handy at putting a beat together.

02. At nineteen years old, he’s only after getting kicked off properly in the last year, with a string of single releases.

03. Streaming above is Doyle’s new single Dead Rabbits ‘n’ Humans, a collaboration with fellow Tipp wordsmith Mychee.

04. The pair have also set up Broken Jaw Records, a net-label for their beats and instrumentals. Warning: banner pic is probably NSFW.

Thoughts: As a rapper, there’s inflections of Irish accent and well-tested grime patter, but it’s his rapidly improving beatmaking that’s the story here.

Gavin Doyle

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 15.19.25

Michael Lowry TD

Tipperary Star reports:

The modular hospital being proposed for South Tipperary General Hospital as an interim solution to over-crowding, could be up and running within six weeks of commencement, writes Noel Dundon.

The unit, which has been put forward following extensive behind-the-scenes work by Deputy Michael Lowry and senior consultants at the hospital would cost the HSE in the region of €60,000 per week, fully staffed etc.

It would mean the provision of forty en-suite rooms to be used for pre and post-op preparation and recovery according to Deputy Michael Lowry who has been conducting intensive behind the scenes negotiations with the HSE and Miister Simon Harris.

Modular hospital would be up and running in Clonmel in six weeks (Tipperary Star)

Laura Hutton/Rollingnews