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A Red Bull TV advert suggesting that Titanic passengers could have survived if they had drunk the energy drink is facing a possible investigation after complaints from descendants of those travelling on the doomed liner. The Advertising Standards Authority has received 110 complaints since 9 September about the Red Bull ad, including one from the Titanic Heritage Trust. Titanic Heritage Trust founder Howard Nelson said: “Red Bull is using a tragic event to promote and sell its products without care for the people that were lost.”


Red Bull’s Titanic ad could face investigation after 110 complaints (John Reynolds, The Guardian)


Long before James Cameron’s version of Titanic, there was a Nazi propaganda film made in 1943 about the ill-fated voyage. Both share the dubious honour of being the most expensive films of their era, but only one of them was banned.

The whole film is now on YouTube if you’re up to watching a skewed view of the disaster.

Wikipedia: Titanic (1943)

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