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Musical director Ross O’Connor’s patriotic and pitch perfect son ‘ahh’s along to Amhrán na bhFiann, having only heard the air a few times before.


(H/T: RTE2fm via Elaine Hearty)

pup6nap nap3 nap2
Two months after NYC blogger Jessica Shyba started an Instagram feed featuring pictures of her son Theo’s naps with his puppy Beau, the daily routine continues, if anything, more comfortably since Beau has doubled in size.

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‘Little Taekwondo masters’ – a 2011 clip uploaded by Youtuber weiyeu2, recently resurfaced (due to its weapons-grade squee) and currently doing the rounds.



On Thursday night, a group of delivery men in China’s Zhejiang province caught a toddler who fell from the window of a fifth floor apartment, having crawled out after waking from a nap.

Coming together in a ‘human safety net’ to cushion the two and a half year-old’s fall, BBC News Asia reports, two of the men suffered impact injuries to their arms. The little girl, named Qiqi, survived with just a minor wound on her face.


We presume you’ve seen this already.

Best YouTube comment:”If the kid had a golden eagle of its own, this would not have happened.”

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