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Sharon writes:

Here’s a gorgeous new video that makes the Aran Islands look sexy – bit of a marketing departure there…


Video by Búla Bosca

Music: Royal Deluxe – I’m Gonna Do My Thing

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The first in a series (three more are on the way) of vintage style posters for some recently discovered exoplanets created by NASA Jet Propulsion Lab visual strategists Joby Harris, David Delgado, and Dan Goods.

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Stout loving Seoull Korea tourism student Byeongyoon beseeches interested parties to help make his Irish dream come true.



Thanks Donie O’Sullivan



An illustrated Irish plea from Korea.


Thomand Park, Limerick will host Europe’s first Sports Tourism Summit on THURSDAY.

They’re We’re Aaron is calling it it the ‘Davos’ of sports.

There will be 11 expert speakers “worth €1.2b” advising on how to extract money from surfers maximise Ireland’s potential as “a sports-orientated tourist destination”.


Sport Tourism Summit

Summit Programme

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A random poll of random tourists in Dublin today conducted by the Dublin Visitor Centre, O’Connell Street, Dublin.

Not included: Sasha and Malia obvs.

Dublin Visitor’s Centre (Facebook)

Thanks Tim

holland holland2

Holland: The Original Cool – a marketing promo by the Netherlands Board Of Tourism and Conventions, KLM, Amsterdam Marketing and Schipol Airport, aimed at American hipster tourists.

And narry a mention of the ‘oul chronic. Impressive.