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Thomand Park, Limerick will host Europe’s first Sports Tourism Summit on THURSDAY.

They’re We’re Aaron is calling it it the ‘Davos’ of sports.

There will be 11 expert speakers “worth €1.2b” advising on how to extract money from surfers maximise Ireland’s potential as “a sports-orientated tourist destination”.


Sport Tourism Summit

Summit Programme

Consider the advantages of the canals [Royal and Grand Dublin] for cycle tourism – the generally flat terrain allows easy cycling; there are almost no access difficulties, as the land is in public ownership; and, for most of the route, there is no danger from motor vehicles. At present the towpaths are not developed for cycling and thus are grassy and rough in places, but this could be easily resolved by gravelling the paths, as has been done on the Great Western Greenway in Co Mayo. That initiative proved to be a huge success and has revitalised towns along the route. Creating two new cycling routes along the canals could bring similar benefits to such towns as Longford and Tullamore, which at present are not known for being tourism hotspots.


Cycling And Tourism (Noel Hogan, Irish Times Letters)

Stefan Mitchell writes:

I know this is somewhat of a plug but we’re a brand new Irish tourism website start-up trying to promote Ireland (and getting our name out there is extremely tough). We found the Government-run tourism website as being quite cluttered so we designed Reveal Ireland.ie to be easy to use, visually appealing and informative.
The aim of the poster campaign (above) is to cover three distinct ‘ages’ from Irish history; The Ice Age, The Bronze Age and The Middle Ages. So (top pic) The Wicklow Mountains National Park with landscape carved out during the Ice Age. Middle pic: Dunbeg Promontory Fort, Fahan, Co. Kerry built c.500BC – the end of the Bronze Age. And, bottom pic, Dunguaire Castle built c. 1500 – towards the end of The Middle Ages. Thanks.



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