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Behold: the rather gorgeous Toyota 2000GT Roadster – a mould-breaking joint venture between Yamaha and Toyota inspired by the Jaguar E-type. The car debuted in 1965 and was built from 1967 to 1970.

The rarest of Japanese racers (and James Bond’s car in You Only Live Twice (H/T: Andrew), only 351 were ever made. Surviving models, like the Concours restoration above, change hands for €850,000+.

You may even have built your own back in the day.

(pic/scan: Illustrated 007)


A 1967 Toyota 2000GT, also known as the ‘Japanese E-Type’.

Only 351 of these front engined, rear wheel drive grand tourers were ever made and this is one of only six finished in distinctive Bellatrix yellow.

Yours for between €500,000 and €600,000.


No drift car makes as much smoke as Kenneth Moen’s turbocharged Toyota Supra. Here, he ascends the Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena in Lillehammer in Norway. You might remember it from the 1994 Winter Olympics.

There was less smoke then.