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Before Ferruccio Lamborghini built supercars, he built tractors. Lamborghini Trattori still builds farm machinery emblazoned with the same raging bull emblem as their iconic roadster cousins.

Behold, then: the 2 cylinder 18bhp, 1960 DL20 2241R, part of the smaller scale Lamborghinetta range – Ferruccio’s personal favourite.

Yours for around €37,600.



There was “an odd peculiar movement” with one man seen driving a new tractor which he said was suspicious…


Who won the lotto in Leitrim? Man with new tractor ‘suspicious’ (Irish Times)


If it’s not red keep it in the shed.

Tom writes:

“Spotted this in Dublin today. This Claas tractor wants to be a Massey Ferguson… It’s meant to be a light green.”


Release the tractor beam.



Tyrone man Lee McCausland snaps a selfie from his cell and posts it on Facebook after being jailed for joyriding and spreading slurry in a stolen tractor.

As you do.

90315298Bill Healy Rae Cahill on a cheese tractor celebrating the upcoming launch of Lidl’s new range of Rathdaragh Irish cheese at the National Ploughing Championships in Laois.

Food artist Prudence Staite hand-sculpted a mid-century Massey Harris tractor using only Irish cheddar cheese.


Any possible excuse.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


David Stronge writes via the Broadsheet App:

Wedding tractor, College Green [Dublin]. Just this second.


BRy0SKBCQAE5I0W.jpg large

Mousie Arriba tweetz:

Trinity tractor?

BRyzmuVCAAEo-gT.jpg large

Collie Ennis tweetz:

Best wedding ‘car’ ever…? :Trinity college chapel today