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The frenetic trailer for a new play, Leper and Chip, written by Lee Coffey, directed by Karl Shiels. To wit:

The boy, Leper meets the girl, Chip. Boy meets girl… in the middle of a battering, boy wrecks bus full of pensioners, girl gets chased by machete wielding maniac and love without madness isn’t love at all…Fast, frantic, funny… Dublin at 100mph with leopard coated cougars, Pringle eating whales and your almost-midget mate chained inside a fridge.

Rob O’Donoghue writes:

‘Leper and Chip’ will be running in Theatre Upstairs, above Lanigan’s Pub on Eden Quay, Dublin from the 22nd of April until the 3rd of May.

Production company Bitter Like A Lemon is also raising funds via indiegogo, should you feel inclined to support the arts.

warriors1 warriors2

A neon-tinged fan-made trailer for a feasible update of Walter Hill’s 1979 classic movie shot by Ram Bhat, who sez:

Los Angeles 1992 – The Warriors and every other gang in the city are called to meet in the Valley. Cyrus, the leader of the biggest gang (The Riffs), wants to take over LA and proposes a truce amongst them all. But as events take a turn for the worse, the Warriors have to fight their way back home to Long Beach. WILL THEY SURVIVE THE NIGHT?