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A visualisation created from real data by UK air traffic control provider NATS, whose Paul Beauchamp sez:

It’s an amalgamation of two data sources – UK radar data from 21 June and European flight plan information from 28 July – and it clearly highlights the structure of airspace across the continent. A few highlights include the North Atlantic tracks that connect Europe with North America, the airways that run up the spine of the UK, the holding stacks at London’s capacity stretched airports and the military manoeuvres off Anglesey in Wales.



Not exactly.

RTÉ court reporter Vivienne Traynor spoke with Seán O’Rourke on the News At One about the case.

Vivienne Traynor: “In these proceedings the man is looking for a number of orders: restraining her from having an abortion or from leaving the jurisdiction.
He also seeks an injunction restraining her parents from bringing her out of the jurisdiction until it can be ascertained that she wants to go. The man is asking the court to vindicate the rights of the unborn child. And he also wants the court to order an urgent investigation to see if the young woman is being brought to the UK against her will, before the court would permit her to leave the country for an abortion.
He says he has no desire to restrain her from travelling, should that be her freely-held will. Now the court was told that the couple have known each other for a year but the family have not accepted their relationship. He says his girlfriend’s family are deeply unhappy with the fact that she’s in a relationship with someone of non-European origin.
But he said that he believes his girlfriend wants to have the baby, that she’d registered with the maternity hospital and was looking forward to having a scan in the near future. And that she’d also gone to buy baby clothes for the child.
Now, Ms Justice Mary Laffoy granted the man permission to serve notice of the proceedings against his girlfriend.
She’s also directed that the Attorney General be made a notice party to these proceedings so the case may return to court today. It’s not certain that it will return today but there’s a possibility that it will come back before the court.”

Sean O’Rourke: “But clearly, in the view of the person taking this case, there’s an element of urgency to this?”

Traynor: “Yes, absolutely. He wants the court to direct that an urgent investigation be carried out, as to whether or not this is her decision, that she would travel or be travelling. Also, he wants an order that the parents cannot take her out of the jurisdiction.”