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Ronan Kelly writes:

You may be interested in my new travel channel – Around Ireland By Bike. A sort of Video version of “Sure Where Would You Get It”. This Lanesborough woman is particularly nice.


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Icon Speak – a wearable product line (developed by an entrepreneurial group of backpackers) printed with helpful universal icons for the monolingual world traveller.



The short answer is never.

The slightly longer answer, courtesy of this clip from a Q&A session last year by charismatic astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, is infinitely more fascinating.

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A visualisation created from real data by UK air traffic control provider NATS, whose Paul Beauchamp sez:

It’s an amalgamation of two data sources – UK radar data from 21 June and European flight plan information from 28 July – and it clearly highlights the structure of airspace across the continent. A few highlights include the North Atlantic tracks that connect Europe with North America, the airways that run up the spine of the UK, the holding stacks at London’s capacity stretched airports and the military manoeuvres off Anglesey in Wales.