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Behold the Numarine 26XP – the GTi of expedition yachts or, perhaps, the Z4 of recreational trawlers: it’s hard to say. 26 meters long and powered by two 1550hp diesel engines, it can reach a top speed of 28 knots (cruising at 18) and is designed to berth at harbours too small to accommodate the bulkier barques of fellow plutocrats.

A luxurious interior includes 4 guest cabins (2 VIP), a master suite, various lounging and dining areas and a ‘wet bar’ beneath the enormous flying bridge.


Behold the Trondheim Trawler – the world’s first electric powered trawler – completely silent and tough enough to withstand four meter swells and 40 knot winds.

Available in three configurations from 9 to 13.5m with nautical ranges between1,500 and 4,000 km depending on powerplant.

You’ll put them all to shame above in Killybegs.

Yours from €265,000.


A newly-upturned uploaded video of prawn trawler The Snowdonia sinking in the Irish Sea on Tuesday.

It took about a minute.

The two-man crew of the Ardglass-registered boat, the Snowdonia, were rescued by another trawler, the Tribute.
…Asked about the possibility of her husband going back to sea, Ms Kearney said: “We will have to talk about that.”


Fisherman’s Wife Tells Of Ardglass Boat Ordeal (BBC)

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