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From top: CCTV footage showing three men waiting outside Trevor’s Deely’s workplace. Gardai say the two men on the left are Trevor’s work colleagues; Trevor Deely

On April 7, Crimestoppers launched a renewed appeal for missing Trevor Deely.

“Forensically-enhanced’ CCTV footage was released showing a man standing outside the back entrance of Trevor’s work that Gardai now wished to question.

Some of the footage, however, had been used previously in a 2015 TV3 documentary and, in one screen grab, a second man (not Trevor) can be seen next to the person of interest.

Filmmakers David Lester Mooney and Mark Kilbride, having discovered this anomaly, then spotted a third person in another image (top).

This afternoon, David and Mark were contacted by a Garda officer who stated that these two new figures have “previously been identified” as Trevor’s work colleagues.

If this is correct, it throws into question certain accounts of that evening that we have been given since Trevor vanished and adds to the confusion that surrounds many aspects of this case.

The following is a timeline of relevant events since Trevor’s disappearance on December 8, 2000, detailing some discrepancies and raising a number of questions.

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Further to  yesterday’s post that possibly identified a second man in cctv footage of Trevor Deely’s last moments.

An update concerning this second man and his apparent misidentification in Donal MacIntyre’s 2015 documentary on Trevor’s disappearance.

Yesterday: A Second Man

Thanks Mark Kilbride and David Lester Mooney




Author, researcher and photo analyst Leroy Blevins Sr combs over the cctv footage released last week in some detail and in, an an update (above), shares his thoughts the second man discovered in Donal MacIntyre’s documentary.



And a third man…

Thanks Mark and David



Further to the renewed appeal for missing Trevor Deely following enhanced VHS images of cctv footage showing a man speaking to Trevor outside his workplace shortly before he vanished.

Dave writes:

I just wanted to share a video I put together of Trevor Deely’s timeline from the night he went missing.

I have highlighted the fact that it took him 42 seconds to walk from the first gate he passes to the second gate that he passes. The distance between the two gates is approximately 20 feet.

I have also included a still (top) showing another man waiting with the first man outside Trevor’s work one minute after Trevor enters the building.

I think the second person waiting outside really is a significant development that I don’t think has been picked up before.

It’s actually from the Donal MacIyntyre documentary [TV3’s Unsolved: The Disappearance of Trevor Deely], but MacIntyre actually incorrectly states it’s Trevor, we can see from the timestamp that it’s not.

I have also highlighted the fact that Trevor took 11 minutes to walk from the first CCTV camera to the second time he is seen on CCTV, by Google maps it would suggest a stroll of a mere 6 minutes.

Previously: Out Of The Shadows


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.24.20

A still from Donal MacIntyre’s TV3 documentary about Trevor Deely’s disappearance

Sheila adds:

Further to your post about the Trevor Deely footage. In the CCTV video footage released by the Gardaí last week – showing Trevor enter and later exit that bank gate – Trevor’s shoulder doesn’t edge in front of the view of the redbrick pillar as he entered (see here, from 3.06).

But the still used in MacIntyre’s documentary, above, clearly shows the person on the left edging in front of the view of the pillar (see here, at 21.54) as a man stands on his right.

Confusingly, as Mr MacIntyre’s documentary showed the still, Mr MacIntyre, in a voiceover, says: “As Trevor left the building he was seen again on the camera which had captured him on the way in.”

So it’s not clear if this was supposed to be a still of Trevor entering or exiting the gate.

Either way, the Garda CCTV footage does show Trevor edge in front of the pillar when he leaves the building (see here, at 2.04) but there is no man on his right, at this point.


This morning.

Harcourt Street Garda Station, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Newly ‘forensically-enhanced’ VHS footage of cctv showing the moments Trevor Deely was last recorded on camera.

It features a man talking to Trevor outside the rear entrance of Bank of Ireland Asset Management offices on Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2 during a Christmas party at the bank in the early hours of December 8th, 2000.

And later, what may be the same man is seen following Trevor in nearby Haddington Road, Dublin 4 where he was last seen.

€100,000 reward offered for information in Trevor Deely case (RTÉ)




This afternoon.

Haddington Road, Dublin 4.

Trevor’s family members, from left: sister Michelle, father Michael, sister Pamala and brother Mark Deely helping with a leaflet drop with members of An Garda Siochana.