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An elegantly minimal short by Djob Nkondo based on a 2016 Instagram comic in which a primitive tribe on a desolate world encounters a giant humanoid totem.

A monster from the id? God? The BFG?

You’ll get no answers here.



From a project entitled ‘The Blood Forest’ by French photographer Philippe Echaroux: images of the Brazilian Suruí tribe projected onto the trees of the Amazonian rainforest – an area the Brazilian government has given them responsibility for replanting. Sez Echaroux, are:

…victims of massive deforestation and gold washers who did not hesitate to violate the Surui’s territory to seize deposits of precious stones, the Surui people want to raise awareness of this horrible and greedy slaughter that endangers a territory and its people.

‘The Blood Forest’ will exhibit at Galerie Taglialatella in Paris until mid December.