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Clockwise from back left: President and Provost of Trinity College Dublin Patrick Prendergast; former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, physicist Michal Lipson, historian Catherine Corless and poet Thomas Kinsella

This afternoon.

At Trinity College Dublin.

Historian Catherine Corless, poet Thomas Kinsella and American physicist Michal Lipson were awarded honorary degrees.

University Times reports that Trinity’s public orator Prof Anna Chahoud said Ms Corless is a:

“Woman of extraordinary courage and compassion, perseverance and commitment to justice.”

Mr Kinsella is a:

“Poetic genius, a master of rhythm, a man who firmly believes that ‘to be fully alive is to be creatively engaged’.”

And Ms Lipson is a:

“Leading light in the world of modern-day physics.”

Thomas Kinsella and Catherine Corless Awarded Honorary Degrees (University Times)

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Mocking The Survivors

Pic: Niamh Lynch/Trinity Times


Journalists Ciaran Tierney and Alison O’Reilly, and Anna Corrigan in Tuam earlier this month

This afternoon.

At 2pm at Trinity College Dublin’s Graduate Memorial Building.

The Untold Story of Tuam – A Panel Discussion.

With Irish Daily Mail journalist and author of My Name Is Bridget Alison O’Reilly and Anna Corrigan.

Ms Corrigan’s mother was Bridget Dolan who had two sons, William and John, at the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway.

There is a death certificate for John but not for William and Ms Corrigan believes William may have been adopted illegally to the US.

Ms O’Reilly and Ms Corrigan will also be awarded the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage of the University Philosophical Society.

The Untold Story of Tuam – A Panel Discussion


Trinity College Dublin

The University Times reports:

[Trinity] College is investigating offensive comments made in a class last week by a new intellectual property law lecturer, Brendan Guildea.

…Speaking to The University Times, Guildea said: “I’m reserving my reply.”

A Muslim student, who was wearing a headscarf, was asked to name a book Guildea was holding. When they failed to identify the book, Guildea suggested that someone Irish might know the answer. The student was born in Dublin.

Guildea also asked that student whether anyone had ever interfered with their bags before travelling.

College to Investigate Comments Made by Law Lecturer (University Times)

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This morning.

At Trinity College Dublin where Freshers’ Week is taking place.

Labour leader Brendan Howlin and Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys mingle with students.


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Trinity College Dublin

Robert writes:

I got caught in a rain storm cycling in Dublin yesterday around 7.30pm. I spy Trinity where I attended college in the 90s and seek shelter in the main entrance hall

I’m there without anybody else around for around 30 seconds and a security guard approaches me.

I tell him about the weather thinking he’s just here for chats but he repeatedly asks me if I’ve read the sign outside.

I tell him no and for him to tell me. Basically students only. It’s private property so I have to leave.

I try pull the auld ‘Trinners’ card (I joke with my friends in work all the time about my Trinity Degree – they are gonna love this)  but to no avail

If anybody knows the legalities of this situation I would be interested to hear.

P.S. I’ve dried out now and not feeling as pissed off. If I had of been homeless seeking refuge for ten minutes then I’m sure the lack of humanity would last a lot longer and deeper then one soaked middle aged hipster.


Pic: Rollingnews

Next Thursday, April 12.

At 6pm.

In the Edmund Burke Theatre in Trinity College Dublin.

A seminar about “fake news”, chaired by RTE’s Bryan Dobson.

RTÉ writes:

Chaired by broadcaster Bryan Dobson, this seminar will ask: what is fake news?; how can we identify it?; what can be done to combat it?; and how can we ensure our valued news services are trustworthy, and not fake?

Participating speakers include Sile Lane (Head of International Campaigns and Policy at Sense About Science), Aine Kerr (cofounder of Nevalabs), Kate Shanahan (Head of Journalism, DIT), Eugenia Siapera (Professor at DCU), Fionnan Sheahan (Editor of the Irish Independent) *cough*, Dr Linda Kiernan (Lecturer at Trinity College), RTÉ, and Ian Power (Exectutive Director of Spunout.ie)….

To register for tickets to this free event email audiencecouncil@rte.ie. Strictly two tickets per person.


Fake News: How True? An event of the RTÉ Audience Council (RTE)

There you go.

Trinity Agrees to Scrap Supplemental Exam Fees (University Times)

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Last night.

At Trinity College Dublin.

Students continued their protest against a €450 supplemental exam fee in the exam hall (above) while other students continued their occupation of the Dining Hall.

Those occupying the Dining Hall were locked in for a time last night, while up to 40 people are reported to have slept a second night in the hall.

TCD Students’ Union – who will be holding a rally and open-air concert in the front square of the college from 1pm today – write:

Together, we blocked the Book of Kells, we shut down Front Arch, and we occupied the Dining Hall. College interrupted their negotiations with us during our peaceful occupation, on our day of teach-ins, to lock us in. They blocked our access to food, blocked our toilet access, and only let us use the toilet again once we had rallied to temporarily occupy the Exam Hall. 

Enough is enough.

We are simply asking that the welfare of students and staff in Trinity be put first. Join us for a rally and concert at 1pm, Thursday 15th March in support of those inside the Dining Hall and in support of our three asks:

1) No supplemental fees
2) No rent increases
3) No more increases of postgraduate and international student fees.

This was a shameless escalation in the middle of negotiations and in total bad faith.


Last night, Trinity’s provost Patrick Prendergast, who is currently in Boston, tweeted the following…

His tweet prompted this response…


Pic and video: Ian Curran


The occupation has ended.

It follows the comments made Trinity’s Provost Patrick Prendergast last night (above).

The Irish Examiner reports:

Sarah Meehan from the Take Back Trinity Campaign says these comments are not enough.

She said: “We are continuing with our direct action plan for the rest of the day, we are holding a rally and are encouraging all students to go.

We feel it is enough to end the occupation, we have been here two days, people are getting tired“.

Students end their occupation at Trinity but say this isn’t the end of their fight (Irish Examiner)

Last night.

Around 50 students stayed overnight as they continued their occupation of the Dining Hall in Trinity College Dublin.

The students are protesting over a flat fee of €450 for supplement exams – exams taken when a student fails and re-sits an exam.

This afternoon.

A series of ‘teach-ins’ are taking place including one from Kieran Allen, above.

TCD Students’ Union writes:

Kieran Allen is a sociology lecturer in UCD and a member of SIPTU grassroots. He has written extensively about the corporatisation of Irish education, the failure of social partnership and the importance of grassroots struggles against austerity.

All are welcome to today’s teach-ins.

Students Against Supplemental Fees Present: A Day Of Teach-Ins (Facebook)

Dining Hall Occupation Continues for Second Day (University Times)

Pic: TCD Students’ Union


University Times reports:

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) will pay the wages of any casual staff in Trinity’s Catering Department who can’t work because of the occupation of the Dining Hall.

The current cost of covering the wages is estimated at around €2,000, but the cost is expected to increase as the occupation continues tonight.

TCDSU to Cover €2,000 Wages Bill for Dining Hall Staff (University Times)

This afternoon.

At Trinity College Dublin.

Students protesting over a flat fee of €450 for supplement exams block the entrance to the Book of Kells (top), occupy the college’s dining hall (third pic) and block the college’s Nassau Street entrance (above).

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett addressed the crowds outside the Dining Hall.

More as we get it.

Via TCD Students’ Union and Richard Boyd Barrett


Pics: Rollingnews