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Inventor, technologist, former head of research and development for Disney’s Imagineering department Bran Ferren became a father for the first time in his fifties.

Since the birth of his daughter, he’s been constructing an ‘adventure vehicle’ in which he and four year-old Kira intend to travel the world.

It’s called the KiraVan and Ferren – who’s already designed a series of location trucks for ABC – has spent ‘millions’ developing the 10m long, 3m high, six-Kevlar-wheeled mobile fortress with its dozen interlinked communication systems, bathroom, full kitchen, penthouse and impressive all-terrain chops, including the ability to negotiate 45 degree slopes and travel 2000 miles on a single tank of diesel.

Due for completion later this year, it is thought to be the most elaborate all terrain vehicle ever built.

Giant zoomable cutaway here.

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Jürgen Henn of Durham North Carolina has been documenting the ongoing cargo truck carnage at the 11′ 8″ (3.5m) high underside of a railway overpass on his blog 11 Foot Eight. Sez he:

Clearance can be a real challenge for a truck driver. Especially inexperienced drivers of rental box trucks seem to be quite oblivious to the warning signs and flashing “overheight” warning lights at this railroad trestle in Durham, NC. So frequently do trucks crash into the 11-foot-8 clearance trestle, that the railroad company installed a crash beam in front of it. This massive steel I-beam bears the brunt of the impact, protecting the structure that supports this fairly busy railroad track. Believe it or not – they already had to replace the beam once!