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Tunisian musician Amine Ayadi performs a multipart solo cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don”t Care About Us’ on the mizwad.

This is the soundtrack of your day, whether you like it or not.


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For the day that’s in it…

John Gallen writes:

Last year, I took these two little toy droids on a trip to Tunisia, for a laugh… and… I was hoping to take in a Star Wars set or two… but that didn’t happen. So these sunrise pics were taken instead in the Sahara desert, somewhere nearer to the sites than I’d ever been but still somewhere far far far away from the Star Wars movie sets…. but at least in the same country.

Every so often, someone treks off to document the state of the abandoned original Star Wars Tatooine set in the Matmata region of Tunisia. Here’s the most recent report.

Still holding up pretty well after 35 years.

More location videos from the same uploader here