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Congratulations to Joe Schmidt and the Ireland team for achieving an historic win over the All Blacks.

An equal non-congratulations to the IRFU, EirSport and whoever else was involved in not showing the match live on television to the vast majority of sporting fans.

The selfish manipulation of live television coverage is in stark contrast to the honesty and heroism of the players on the field.

John Gaffney,
Co Leitrim.


Victory over the All Blacks (Irish Times letters page)

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Graph TV is a project by biologist/programmer Kevin Wu – a searchable webtool that analyses US TV shows based on their US ratings. The viral build of Breaking Bad, the demise of Dexter, the slow resurgence of Two And A Half Men after Charlie Sheen’s departure – it’s all here to be disputed and mulled over. To wit:

…a visualization tool which graphs tv show ratings by episode. Each season is assigned a different color and linear regressions are calculated for each season as well as for the entire series. Each point on the graph displays the episode title, rating, and other data. The data points are clickable and will open its IMDb entry. The graphs are also exportable for offline use.