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Middle-Class-Problems-01 Middle-Class-Problems-15 enhanced-buzz-10087-1378250589-18Middle-Class-Problems-12 Middle-Class-Problems-09 enhanced-buzz-26739-1378250760-10Middle-Class-Problems-04From the twitter account Middle Class Problems wherein the tragic tweets of the relatively privileged are retweeted.

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Enterprise captains, Sir Patrick Stewart and William Shatner bemoan the poor service offered by Time Warner Cable in the States.

You can be sure their gripes were swiftly addressed.

They made it so.


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Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins

Hideous Christmas tweets from spoiled brats, originally compiled by Johnny Hendren, now repurposed into a tribute song by Johnathan Mann. (NSFW lyrics)


Nick Hilditch has been illustrating a random tweet every day for the last 392 days. Nick’s friend, Chris Bell, posts the illustrations on their blog, irkafirka.com.

Irkafirka on Twitter