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The U2 website tonight.

It moves in mysterious ways.

Martin C writes:

happened to be on the u2 website actually for a completely different reason but out of curiosity had a look at the tour dates…was surprised to see a Belfast date listed but on a refresh the date vanished…then this (above) showed 5 mins later seems this is probably their planned Belfast & Dublin dates…Point Depot too ugh…

Pay yer taxes ye globalist lizard poxbottles (except Adam).



This afternoon.

Windmill Lane, Dublin

Leah writes:

The demolition of the iconic Windmill Lane studio took place yesterday and plans have been made to develop residential, office and retail units due to the site being purchased by Hibernia REIT in May of last year. Artists who recorded in the Windmill Lane studio include Van Morrisson, The Rolling Stones and Sinead O’Connor but the studios were best known for recordings carried out by U2, especially the Joshua Tree album

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)