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Some youthful reaction to the U2/Apple album iTunes giveaway.

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(A repost from yesterday now with fully-abled video)

1. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) 0:00
2. Every Breaking Wave” 4:15
3.  California (There is No End to Love) 8:27
4. Song for Someone 12:27
5. Iris (Hold Me Close) 16:14
6. Volcano 21:33
7. Raised by Wolves 24:47
8. Cedarwood Road 28:53
9. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight 33:18
10. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now 38:20
11. The Troubles (featuring Lykke Li) 43:25

U2 – Songs Of Innocence.

Secret bonus tracks:
Adam Remains Cool In Fairness 1.25
She iPhones In Mysterious Ways 2.13
Back Home In Holland 4.12

U2, Songs of Innocence: first review (Neil McCormick, Telegraph)

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Bono On U2’s Not-So-Free iTunes Album: “We Were Paid” (Time)

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Stop That


Illuminati handshake?

Billionaire thumb bump?

A triangulated ‘finger graph’ depicting the ”Ireland-Holland-Other Place’ tax wheeze?

We may never know.

Apple’s Tim Cook and U2 at the iPhone 6,/Apple Watch/New album whatsit this evening in California.

G’wan the Billy idol Adam.

Pic via Adrian Weckler