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Monday night.

Dustin Lance Black at UCD on the May marriage equality referendum.

A memorable speech.

But don’t take our word for it.

Ian Fahy, auditor of the UCD Laaw Society, writes:

I would like to draw your attention to a speech delivered by Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk (2008), Dustin Lance Black at an event to confer him with Honorary Life membership of the UCD Law Society.. Black’s boyfriend, British Diving Champion, Tom Daley also attended the award event.

He delivered an impassioned speech about the strength of storytelling and the effect it can have on winning the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum in Ireland.

It was truly one of the most incredible speeches delivered to the UCD Law Society and has been recognised as such by long standing University officials.

Black is an internationally recognised advocate for Gay rights across the world and took time  to specifically come to Ireland to deliver this speech in the hope of having some impact on the upcoming referendum.

He reminisced about his youth and the struggle he faced with coming to terms with his own sexuality – something that was extremely difficult and dangerous coming from a Mormon-Texan-military family. He called for the youth of Ireland to tell their own stories, something that he claims is the most powerful form of achieving positive change.

My term as Auditor is coming to end, and over my last three years in UCD I have never felt so strongly that an address to our society needed to be published in the national media. I genuinely believe this video if shared can have a real and positive impact upon the Marriage Equality referendum. All I ask is for you to please watch this 18 minute clip (above), and see for yourself.



UCD Students’ Union last night voted against a motion (above) supporting the legislation of marijuana in Ireland


Donie Sullivan writes:

Students in University College Dublin (UCD) against a motion supporting the legislation of marijuana in Ireland. A conservative bunch in the UCDSU. if they’re like this in their early twenties what will they be like in 20 years time? What is the world coming to?





Laura Mahon at University College Dublin [UCD] Law Society writes:

We’ve come up with our annual Law Ball music video and we’d like to see what you think….
Hopefully it’s not as cringe as last year’s one and we might get some action on the night.

Action on the night?

Or no action?

Only YOU can decide.

This year’s ball takes place at Dunboyne Castle, Co Meath on February 10.

UCD Law Soc


The school.

Awarded honory law doctorates at UCD this morning for ‘Extraordinary Contributions to their pensions Society ‘(Official Ireland elite female wing: Order of the Loud Cape) were, from left: Noeline Blackwell, Susan Denham, Mary McAleese, who was awarded the Ulysses Medal 2014 and European Ombudsman Emily O Reilly.

Next they’ll want the vote, etc.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 23.40.34

In a talk he gave to UCD’s Economics Society last week, Professor Morgan Kelly gave his thoughts on the Irish economy, his first public comments in three years. He had some grim possibilities in mind regarding SMEs and the dumbing down in Irish universities.

Here are some choice quotes:

“The crisis we’re told is over. What have we learned from that? The official narrative that has appeared is very clear. According to this, there were two bad people, Fingleton and Fitzpatrick.”

“This is Ireland, guys. We don’t do competence.”

“All the stuff that happened, all the stuff we talked about. The property boom and bust, the bank collapse, the state bankruptcy. As far as official Ireland is concerned, this was like a bad dream.”

“There’s going to be a big cleanup. It means foreclosures on mortgages and it means dealing with small business loans. What you had during the bubble, owners of SMEs [Small and Medium Enterprises] borrowed a lot to buy property. That was the way you made money back in the happy times. So a lot of these companies have got very big losses on property and they’re basically surviving through bank forbearance. Banks aren’t calling in these loans.”

“We’re going to see a lot of SMEs go under.”

“It’s an enormous problem that no one seems to care about.”

“But even if they [Germany] give us the money for the recapitalisation, the collateral damage to the Irish economy is going to be huge.”

“We are walking into exactly the same situation we were in before with loans to developers. We could see this coming from a long way off. It was going to be a big problem. But in the end Anglo goes under. There’s complete panic. There are midnight meetings. People do very stupid things and it looks like we’re going to face this once again.”

“By failing to produce well-trained graduates you are screwing up your economy in the long run.”

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Five Years

We Didn’t Have A Clue


Photographs collected by Desmond Fitzgerald (1888-1947) , [who was responsible for propaganda during the War of Independence], donated to University College of Dublin and available online from TODAY.

The 179-image collections covers the Easter Rising, Civil War and the War of Independence.

From top: An Irish Free State soldier identified as Thomas McMahon, from the ‘armoured car and machine gun section’ in hospital having sustained a hip wound on Dame Street, Dublin;  a boy with a sword and scabbard, 1919; Irish Free State Army soldiers and passers-by on an unnamed Dublin side street; A funeral ‘possibly’ for one of the Loughnane brothers [Patrick & Henry] (I.R.A.members), arrested by R.I.C. in November 1920 and found burned and mutilated between Kinvara and Ardrahan [Co Galway] in December 1920.

Desmond Fitzgerald Photographs (UCD)

Thanks Sibling of Daedalus