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Bizarre cloudage/UFO  in Stillorgan, Co Dublin (top) and Glenageary, Co Dublin this evening.


Lenticular cloud, you say?

Thanks Eoin Clifford and Justin Doyle

swordsWe are a peaceful people.

Be kind.

Graeme Kelly writes:

Just north of Swords and as seen from Malahide [Dublin] last night.

Looks like a UFO or a small town. But no….



tesco1 tesco2It’s the Tesco Distribution Centre..

It’s only massive.

kerryIrish Times, July 12, 1947

66 years ago.

Three days after the Roswell incident….


Roswell UFO incident celebrates 66 years with a Google Doodle (Telegraph)

Thanks Sibling Of Daedalus

Sandyford Industrial Estate, Co Dublin, minutes ago

Avril Harrington writes:

Sitting at my desk, staring at my computer, looked out the window and spotted this flying saucer. If the aliens are here do we get the rest of the day off work?