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Emergency lessons on Nepal for Culture Night.

UNICEF Ireland Nepal Exhibition at Trinity College Dublin,  the Pav 5pm -11pm

Filmmaker Matthieu Chardon writes:

This is is an occasion to see how Nepalese Children are recovering from the 2015 earthquake, through the pictures and the documentary I directed in Nepal with Unicef last June.

The stories highlighted there and some aspects of the Nepalese way of life, can be true lessons for our occidental point of view…,

Emergency Lessons at TCD (Facebook)



Hannah O’Hare writes:

I teamed up with Unicef Ireland and Aerlingus this year to design and print 100 limited edition t-shirts to sell and give all proceeds to Unicef.

Every year Aerlngus staff can apply to become a Unicef Ambassador and this year my mum who is Cabin Manager was awarded this title.

The t0shirts are available now [see link below] and are retailing for €15.

Aerlingus have been partnered up with Unicef since December 97′ with their “Change for Good” appeal.

The tshirts I designed was just another way of helping with the fundraising and to help make my mum’s year as ambassador as successful as possible.

Originally I wanted to do a plant that was native to Rwanda in Africa as my mum would have been doing a trip with Unicef in April, but coming closer to the time of designing and printing they changed the destination to Zambia and will be happening in November, I had this leaf design drawn up already so I went with that…

The tshirts were printed at Damn Fine Print in Smithfield who gave me a day of printing free of charge.

Hannah’s Tee (Charity Print)


Our mam didn’t even known it was on.

The UNICEF Ireland Mothers’ Day Lunch raising funds for Mums and newborns worldwide at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin this afternoon.

From top:  UNICEF Ireland Ambassadors Cathy Kelly and Donncha O’Callaghan with Anne Doyle; l-r: Joe Canning, Stephen Rea, Cathy Kelly and Donncha O’Callaghan and Anne Doyle; Donncha  O’Callaghan with his mother Marie  and Anna Daly and her mother Ann.


(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


Claire McKeever, of UNICEF Ireland, writes:

“We thought you’d like to see this heart-warming letter which was sent by a young girl in Galway to UNICEF Ireland’s Syria Emergency Appeal [above]

“With heightened tension in the region and the number of refugees rising above 2 million – half of them children – UNICEF is continuing to provide urgent life-saving supplies to children inside Syria and in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt but we’re severely underfunded.

“If your readers would like to help they can donate here.”

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It’s Amman’s world.

The UN Children’s Fund (Unicef) has published its annual State of the World’s Children report with special focus on children with disabilities.

Among its findings:

In Jordan, 91% of girls think wife-beating is justified – in Timor Leste, 81% of girls think the same, compared to 72% of boys. Girls that are least likely to hold a belief that if married they could justifiably be beaten are in Serbia (2%), Ukraine (3%) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (4%).

Even more interestingly, this doesn’t appear related to access to information.

Girls in Jordan have some of the best access to mass media in the world with 97% using a newspaper, magazine, television or radio at least once a week. In Egypt, where the same proportion of girls have access to mass media, 50% believe that wife-beating is justified.


Where is the best country to be a child? (Guardian)

“The charity also confirmed that actor Liam Neeson has decided not to undertake a trip to Mozambique with the charity, because of his dissatisfaction of the dismissal. Nor will Vanessa Redgrave take part in a benefit for UNICEF, planned for the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin in September.”

UNICEF Defends Dismissal Of Verwoerd (RTE)

What say you, UNICEF Ireland Ambassador Ryan Tubridy?

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(RTE/Photocall Ireland)