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A deftly edited montage by Beyond The Frame celebrating the shared universe of Quentin Tarantino’s various films. To wit:

Everything’s connected. There are two universes shared by Tarantino’s characters. Everyone’s related, but unlike real families they talk to each other on the phone. They all eat Big Kahuna Burgers and smoke Red Apples, but somehow seem fit. K-Billy. Records scratching. Shots from trunks.

MORE: Tarantino’s Cinematic Universe (explained) (Patreon)


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Bloop Animation’s tribute to Joe Negroni’s popular theory whereby every Pixar movie is connected and exists within the same universe on a timeline from the fourteenth century to around 5000AD.

Your animated tinfoil hat will not prevent your animated mind from being blown.


pixar-theoryFor many years, Pixar fans have toyed with the notion that every Pixar film actually takes place in the same universe.

Blogger Jon Negroni has finally come up with what he claims is a single unified theory of all 14 films, from the fourteenth century to 4500 -5000AD.

THE REASONING: The Pixar Theory (Jon Negroni)


The relative scale of things from quantum foam to the observable universe: an incredible visual transition from the very small to the very large created by Cary and Michael Huang –  updating an earlier, similarly impressive presentation they made in 2010.

The video is just an illustration. Here’s the actual interactive.

(UPDATE: Cary and Michael are 14 year-old twins from California.)