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Homeless charity Safety Net has launched a petition on Uplift calling for the removal of prescription charges for homeless people.

Safety Net writes:

Homeless people suffer more ill health than the housed population and therefore have a higher need for prescription medication.

Many homeless people cannot afford the €2.50 prescription charge payable on every item.

Homeless health services repeatedly come across homeless patients who cannot afford their medication and so may not complete a course of antibiotics or take heparin for a clot. They often end up in hospital because of this.

Homeless people are registered with local authorities and therefore it is possible to identify individuals so they are exempt from this charge.

The petition can be signed here

Thanks Anthony Flynn


This Sunday.

From the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1 at 2pm.

Via Uplift:

A new National Maternity Hospital is urgently needed but cannot be allowed to be owned by the Sisters of Charity. Parents for Choice, Uplift, and National Women’s Council of Ireland and Justice for Magdalens are organising a national people powered march to send a message to Health Minister Simon Harris that he must urgently deal with this crisis and guarantee that the hospital will not be owned by a religious order.


This morning.

Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Emily Duffy (as Snow White) with an open letter signed By 10,698 people on behalf of campaigning group Uplift. To wit:

Dear Minister Noonan

Everyone has to pay their tax and that includes Apple, one of the world’s most wealthy corporations. When they’re allowed to avoid paying their tax bill, we all suffer.

As the Minister for Finance you have a duty to protect and safeguard the interests of every man, woman and child in Ireland. You claim you do not have enough money in the public exchequer to ensure quality healthcare for everyone; to properly resource our schools and universities; to ensure every worker has a living wage, to end homelessness. Apple’s tax bill would go a long way to solving these problems.

We, the undersigned, remind you that you have a choice and an opportunity to stand up for the people of Ireland over the interests of Apple. We call on you to not appeal the decision that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion. Don’t stand in the way of Apple paying what they owe.


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Anne Marie, from Uplift, writes:

Uplift, with support from the trade union Unite, commissioned a Red C public opinion poll on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) trade deals. From the results…

– 74% of people polled in Ireland want a referendum on TTIP and CETA.
– 62% agree that EU standards should not be changed to match US or Canadian standards.
– 4 out of 5 people don’t think that US or Canadian corporations should be allowed to sue EU governments whose legislative changes affect their profits.
– 69% of people would be concerned if TTIP or CETA were agreed

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Adrian Fitz-Simon writes:

I made a video to help the efforts at Uplift in getting signatures for the Syrian refugee petition they’ve devised. It’s a version of Paul McCartney’s ‘Let ‘Em In’ cut to difficult-to-watch footage. My hope is it will help get the petition over the 45,000 signature target.

The Uplift petition currently has almost 37,000 signatures.

You can sign it here.