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He does.

No nonsense mediator Paul Campbell (top) of Dublin-based Family Separation Services with a deal for post-Valentine’s Day warring couples.

Family Separation Services (Facebook)

Thanks Garthicus

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What have you forgotten?

Daniel Deering writes:

A Valentine’s Day sketch called ‘The Fourteenth of February’ from LinceCraic, [sketch comedy group from Cavan].



Orlaith, from Dublin ad agency, The Public House, writes:

“We’ve found a way to recycle rejected ideas and deliver some client affection at the same. Taking a year’s worth of rejected ideas, sketches and scripts, we’ve carefully created custom bouquets for our clients. While plenty of ideas made it through unscathed this year, it felt like a good use of ideas that didn’t make the cut. Call it sentimental rather than scorned.”

Fair play, in fairness.

The Public House

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Same Old Song And Dance.

By Emmet O’Brien, who writes:

A couple argue about their old-fashioned lifestyle but how long can they dance around the real issue?

Art and animation/music by Cethan Leahy and David Nelligan.