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He does.

No nonsense mediator Paul Campbell (top) of Dublin-based Family Separation Services with a deal for post-Valentine’s Day warring couples.

Family Separation Services (Facebook)

Thanks Garthicus

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What have you forgotten?

Daniel Deering writes:

A Valentine’s Day sketch called ‘The Fourteenth of February’ from LinceCraic, [sketch comedy group from Cavan].



Orlaith, from Dublin ad agency, The Public House, writes:

“We’ve found a way to recycle rejected ideas and deliver some client affection at the same. Taking a year’s worth of rejected ideas, sketches and scripts, we’ve carefully created custom bouquets for our clients. While plenty of ideas made it through unscathed this year, it felt like a good use of ideas that didn’t make the cut. Call it sentimental rather than scorned.”

Fair play, in fairness.

The Public House

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Same Old Song And Dance.

By Emmet O’Brien, who writes:

A couple argue about their old-fashioned lifestyle but how long can they dance around the real issue?

Art and animation/music by Cethan Leahy and David Nelligan.

90370802 90370805Model & singer Nadia Forde (top and with ukulele player Andrew Robinson (above)

What have  they done with all the padlocks?

This morning.

The Hapenny Bridge, Dublin, adorned with over 5,000 red roses from Aldi Ireland.

Sasko writes:

 Tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day itself, Dublin City Council will be handing out thousands of  Aldi flowers and Irish chocolates on three different Dublin bridges– the Ha’penny Bridge, Capel Street Bridge and the Millennium Bridge… ‘

The council’s Dublin at Valentine’s’ have also created an Alternative Love Trail around the city. Guerilla Love Poetry will also feature on the three bridges, and will see poets, performers and wordsmiths wooing the public with their love poems and sonnets….

Aldi Ireland

Aldi Ireland (Facebook)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)