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Is Monogamy Dead?’

A one-hour documentary presented by Vogue Williams.

Melanie O’Connor writes:

In tonight’s episode as Vogue embarks on her second marriage and with a new baby on the way, she takes a look at how relationships and the concept of monogamy have changed over the last number of decades. Tonight Vogue meets polyamorous couple Kevin and Evita (above)…

Is it?

Only YOU can decide.

*looks up ‘polyamorous’*

Is Monogamy Dead? at 9.30pm on RTÉ2



This afternoon.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

UK-based model Vogue Williams showcasing flimsy, if luxurious, pieces from Brown Thomas’ The Lingerie Room; the “ultimate destination to find the perfect gift to spoil loved ones with on February 14th”.

Vogue is wearing a Stella McCartney Red Bodysuit €139.95 (above) and La Perla Black Robe €231 (top).

I am showcasing a white, wool-blend vest and y-fronts from Dunnes Stores (€20).

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

In the Sunday World (above) at the weekend.

Vogue Williams tackled the subject of “radical extremists”.

In her column, she wrote:

Another approach was suggested by a Muslim former police chief Tarique Ghaffur, who said thousands of radical extremists must be locked up in new internment camps to protect Britain.

There are up to 3,000 extremists living in the UK – far too many to keep a close eye on.

This is something that should be decided by the people, but I certainly agree with it. The only way to stop these senseless attacks is to put any potential threats away.

I know it didn’t work with the internment of IRA members in Northern Ireland when 2,000 alleged paramilitaries were held without trial in makeshift camps.

But in today’s case the terrorists cannot be negotiated with. They want to ruin the western world and they will stop at nothing to do this, so we need to have the same approach with them.

Of the 3,000 extremists living in the UK, 400 fought for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. MI5 has identified 23,000 jihadis in the UK in recent years but of them 3,000 are still considered a threat. We can no longer sit around and do nothing.

Further to this…

Donald Clarke, in The Irish Times, writes:

We should not call her [Vogue Williams an idiot. We should calmly point out that her views are illogical, totalitarian and profoundly sinister. Her column should be considered alongside the right-wing provocations of Ukip and Breitbart media.

The word “police state” is slung around too liberally in online discourse, but locking up suspects without trial surely constitutes one huge step in that direction. That is what Williams is proposing.

Vogue Williams is not an idiot, she’s a sinister totalitarian (Donald Clarke, The Irish Times)

Pic: Donald Clarke

Ronan Murphy writes:

Seen the ads for the new Dancing with the Stars on Channel 7 in Australia and thought, Jaysus, I don’t know any of this lot. Hold the phone there’s bloody Vogue! Or as Channel 7 put it:

Vogue Williams (International DJ) – dancing with Christopher Page (top)
 – Vogue Williams has been a DJ in her homeland of Ireland for five years and most recently held a residency at the hip inner city club Andrews Lane Theatre in Dublin. Vogue, who has also modeled, is engaged to fellow Irish superstar and Australia’s Got Talent judge Brian McFadden.’


Meet The 2012 Dancing With The Stars Cast (Yahoo.au)