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This afternoon.

Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2

The site of Boland’s Mill; future home of Google (boo, hiss) and former base of the 3rd battalion Dublin Brigade of the Irish Volunteers during hostilities in 1916 (Mmmf).

Dublin City Council has a protected order notice on the the historic facade above.

But still.


Saturday’s irishtimes.com

A twofer.

including bonus ‘quisling Tricolour’.


‘It’s the first royal wedding I’ve felt okay waving a Tricolour at’ (Irish Times)

Thanks Ultan Mashup

This afternoon.

M&S, Heuston station, Dublin 8.

Anne Patrica writes:

One can only imagine how delighted Seán Heuston, who (Wikipedia tells me) held the Mendicity Institute down the road for a number of days in 1916, would have been.

Ah now.

This morning/afternoon.

Institute of Technology, Sligo, County Sligo.

The launch of Project Ireland 2040.

Finian Murphy tweetz:

Is that folder called Paddy Files?

Because ‘toothless simpletons’ was too long?

Or just files belonging to a guy called Paddy?

We may never know.

Earlier: What’s Da Big Idea Den?

‘Nuala’ restaurant, City Road, London, EC1

Mark Donaghy writes:

The Just Opened London review of Nuala restaurant might have caused controversy if I didn’t like potatoes so much!

Quote: “The Irish will be pleased to see plenty of potatoes on the menu

Will visit next month!


Nuala (JustoOpenedLondon)



Ronan Delaney writes;

Sneaky tricolour…

Ah here.

Last night.

UK people are asked to draw the Northern Ireland border on Channel 4 News with dismaying consequences.


Proper order.


Keyboard mashing?

European Languages according to the Dutch (Reddit)

Thanks John Gallen