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Spotted this morning in Monsoon on Grafton Street, DUBLIN 2.

Taking bleedin’ liberties, innit?

Thanks Con Kennedy


‘Lady Macbeth’ Star Florence Pugh Joins ‘Hereditary’ Director’s Next A24 Horror Film (Hollywood Reporter

Jack Reynor?

Thanks David


The crimson phone box that perplexed some readers last week

Of this image, taken not in London but in Dublin 9 only last week, we asked: Was It For THIS?

A pristine red phone box next to to weathered old bosca teileafóin was a visual metaphor that pressed all our buttons, none of them B.



Sorry, Paul.

This afternoon.

Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2

The site of Boland’s Mill; future home of Google (boo, hiss) and former base of the 3rd battalion Dublin Brigade of the Irish Volunteers during hostilities in 1916 (Mmmf).

Dublin City Council has a protected order notice on the the historic facade above.

But still.


Saturday’s irishtimes.com

A twofer.

including bonus ‘quisling Tricolour’.


‘It’s the first royal wedding I’ve felt okay waving a Tricolour at’ (Irish Times)

Thanks Ultan Mashup

This afternoon.

M&S, Heuston station, Dublin 8.

Anne Patrica writes:

One can only imagine how delighted Seán Heuston, who (Wikipedia tells me) held the Mendicity Institute down the road for a number of days in 1916, would have been.

Ah now.

This morning/afternoon.

Institute of Technology, Sligo, County Sligo.

The launch of Project Ireland 2040.

Finian Murphy tweetz:

Is that folder called Paddy Files?

Because ‘toothless simpletons’ was too long?

Or just files belonging to a guy called Paddy?

We may never know.

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