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Artist Robert Ballagh

‘I was not at all surprised to read the open letter signed by more than 300 Irish practitioners that was sent to Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan expressing their deep concern and dissatisfaction with the direction that the Abbey Theatre has taken in recent times.

However, I was surprised that the letter did not raise an obvious question: why is the Irish National Theatre, which has an obligation to reflect Irish cultural values, currently being run by two Scotsman?

I suppose if this disconnect was simply a problem for the Abbey Theatre, the situation would not be so serious, but at this moment in time practically every national cultural institution is being managed by an outsider.

For example, the director of the National Gallery of Ireland is an Englishman, the new director of the Hunt Museum in Limerick is a Welshwoman, the director of the National College of Art and Design is an Englishman, and the director of the Gate Theatre is an Englishwoman.

It seems that when it comes to our cultural institutions that warning experienced by our emigrants in the past still holds sway: “No Irish need apply.”

Robert Ballagh,

Dublin 7


Irish Times Letters

Yesterday: Shabbey



Sarah Glennie?


Bonkers writes:

Two low emission London buses doing trials on route 9 in Dublin and 207a in Cork for the next few months. Neither will be picking up passengers.

Well that’s alright then.

I guess.


Also: Name those models, anyone?

Pic: Jonathan McDonnell

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Brian Sammon writes:

UK demand that EU swap Ireland for Northern Ireland and assume responsibility for DUP…

How A Second Brexit Referendum Will Work (Telegraph [behind paywall])


BBC News.

Michael Cockerell?


In reply, Mick tweetz:

To be honest, we are a backwater. But only because we were allowed to be for so long. As long as we didn’t rock the boat too much, squabbles were internal, and there was relative peace, nobody actually gave a fupp. What we’re seeing now is dirty laundry.

We haven’t had a government for 2 years. Anywhere else on the planet and this would be world news. Our kids don’t go to school together. The place is on fire every July. We don’t have access to abortion. Gay people can’t get married. We are governed by bigots. The description is accurate unfortunately.

UK politicians are only now being introduced to the fruit loops who are in charge of this place, and I don’t blame them for being shocked and appalled. Our dysfunctionality has been normalised for us unfortunately. A burning bus is no big deal here. It’s grim.


This morning/afternoon.

Brussels, Belgium.


Brexit: Theresa May and Leo Varadkar discuss backstop (BBC)




Last night.

Dublin 4

An officer from the PSNI liaises with a Garda around the corner from the Aviva Stadium after reports that hardline loyalists would attend the Republic of Ireland Vs Northern international football friendly, which ended in a goalless draw.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

Ah here.

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