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Sarah Forsyth writes:

Something stirred in me at [last weekend’s] Wellfest [Healthy living summit at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin] when I overheard the happy Pear Twins (aka Vegward) talking about zero waste.

Their business is responsible for so much [waste] so I tweeted them calling them out on their hypocrisy and they haven’t replied so I was hoping you would get behind it and maybe the sanctimonious pair will take notice. They’re like wolves in sheep’s clothing, except they never seem to wear clothes…


The Happy Pear

Mick Caul tweetz:

Eamon Ryan brings his rubbish into the Dáil…


The approach to IKEA on the RIO4 [St. Margaret’s Road], Dublin 11 filmed by Stephen Browne on March 18.

Music: Home by The Brilliant Trees

The Worst We’ve Seen And That’s Saying Something (dublinLitterBlog)

(H/T: Stephen Hennelly)