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The approach to IKEA on the RIO4 [St. Margaret’s Road], Dublin 11 filmed by Stephen Browne on March 18.

Music: Home by The Brilliant Trees

The Worst We’ve Seen And That’s Saying Something (dublinLitterBlog)

(H/T: Stephen Hennelly)


Workers from Scranton Manufacturing attempt to compact a Chevy Grand Am using their New Way Cobra Magnum compacting truck.

It’s how Tony Soprano would have done it.



The nice folk at Foodbeast offer an alternative to the traditional apple-nomming method that results in 30% of the fruit going to waste.

See, eating it from the sides is wasteful. But if you eat it from the top, the core doesn’t even exist.

*mind blown*


The airstrip on Inishbofin which has not been brought into use.Dayum, girl.

Nearly €9 million [of public money] has been spent on providing two airstrips in West Connemara – both of which are now overgrown with no possibility being opened in the near future. The airstrips at Cleggan and on Inishbofin [above] were built more than five years ago but then plans to provide an air link between the two locations hit a brick wall through lack of funding. The airstrips are currently falling into a dilapidated state.


€9million wasted on airstrips grounded by grass (Declan Tierney, Connacht Tribune)