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GuillermoPalavecino1 GuillermoPalavecino2
Incredible long exposure images of an entirely frozen 20m high waterfall near Bariloche in Patagonia taken last year by Argentinian photographer Guillermo Palavecino


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The 250m high Baatara Gorge Waterfall at Tannourine in Lebanon cascades through a limestone cave and three ‘bridges’ formed by millions of years of erosion and rockfalls.

Mind your step. The edges are slippery.



As his submission to the DJI Phantom Video Contest, YouTuber questpact sent his quadrotor on a flyover of the waterfall with the highest flow rate in the world (168,000m³ per minute in high flow, if you don’t mind).


Seven members of Forge Motion Pictures trek through the Tlapocayan jungles of Veracruz, Mexico in search of ‘water in its most natural, most treacherous state’.

Then they make with the kayaks.


This is the 3200ft (979m) high Angel Falls in Venezuela – the world’s highest. Close by are the similarly vertiginous Dragon Falls and Cortina Falls. It’s the landscape that inspired Pixar’s Up.

AirPano have an incredible 360º hi-res interactive panorama which (if you have a half decent internet connection) you should check out this minute.

Get your vertigo on here.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to mute the audio. Pan pipes ahead. (Thanks Aaaaaaaa)