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From top: Janet Cole; William/Will Ryan

Do you know a William Ryan from Dundalk?

Read on.

Janet Cole writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I have a massive favor to ask.

My French phone has been stolen and I have no access to my contacts, I don’t care, I can get them all back except one very special person not on social media.

William/Will Ryan from Dundalk, I have to find him and let him know I am not blanking him. He has something special belonging to me right now, (possibly my heart) please help me find him.

PS I am not a stalker. He is very shy and will assume the worst and would never presume to hunt me down.


UPDATE: William/Will FOUND (see comments)!

DM writes

I know you don’t normally do this but i found a set of keys in the Phoenix Park today, at the footpath of Acres road, near the Papal Cross. Couple of car keys and several house keys, some with coloured covers.

I’d love to the them back to their owner. I thought about leaving them there in case the owner was retracing their steps, but I though they may have been there for a while!


Lost your Leap?

Alan Bracken writes:

Found this Leap Card in the name of a Sean Prendergast outside the CHQ building, IFSC [Dublin 1] this morning. Anyone know him?

UPDATE: Sean located.

TheRichList writes:

We have lost a set of keys between Rathmines and Rathgar with a Volvo key attached to it, same as in the photo (above) .If someone find them, could you please hand in to Rathmines Garda station?

There are another three keys attached to it and a swipe for a gate. Any help appreciated!


Any excuse

Frank Cunningham writes:

I found this Visa debit card outside Cafe Crema, Abbey Street, Dublin 1 yesterday evening around 7-ish. If someone knows (or is) Ruth Hughes can you let her know to get in contact.


Your key?

Liam writes:

I understand you don’t normally do this but I found this key (above) on [Dublin Bus[ 41C city bound [from Swords Manor] at 15:15, left with driver…

And hieroglyph-laden key ring?

Katie writes:

I know you don’t usually do this but…. I found a set of keys (with distinctive keyring) around 7am this morning near Killester Dart station [Clontarf, Dublin 5].

I’ll pop them into the Garda station tomorrow evening but if you know who owns them, drop me a line.