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Ross's Bike-1IMG_5381-1

The lovely Focus Culebro (top).

And the ‘virtually impregnable’ lock (see comments) that kept it ‘safe’.

Ross writes:

This is my lovely Focus Culebro. It was stolen from Drury Street car park [Temple Bar, Dublin] on Friday December 10 in the evening. If you see it for sale please let me know, I have the frame number so can verify it. I just got this bike 6 months ago and have been delighted with it and using it everyday. As you can imagine I’m feeling a bit cheated….



Recognise this.

Sinead W writes:

I am trying to find the owner of a very nice Samsung phone that was found outside my workplace on Lower Hatch Street [Dublin 2 ] on Sunday night/Monday morning. It’s locked, so I can’t contact anyone on it to find an owner. We’ve had it on all week, but nobody has called it. There is a missed call on it from someone named Joyce, though. It’s off now as I tried to use the IMEI to contact Vodafone and get them to contact the owner (they weren’t very helpful).

If nobody claims it by the end of the week, I’ll hand it in to Pearse St Garda Station. I’m sure someone is missing it, though! It has a message saying ‘Cougar Baby’ above the unlock screen when it turns on, but the missed calls block that.


UPDATE: Owner located!


Hick writes:

Earlier today I stopped in Rathmines to pick something up on the way to visit my dad who’s in hospital. Whilst there, a couple arrived at my house to hand in my credit union book and a very large sum of money I had withdrawn earlier that day. They had picked it up off the street and chased some of the notes that the wind had taken and promptly came to my home to get it back.

I was blissfully unaware of this till my wife called and told me what had happened. She said they were a very nice couple who were only interested in getting the money back. She offered them a reward which they declined. They didn’t leave their names.

She thanked them but I didn’t get a chance to, so on the off chance they read these pages I just want to say thanks a million and a happy Christmas to you. I shall be making a donation to The Capuchin Centre for the homeless in recognition of your kind act.

It’s a great thing to see there are decent people on our streets and apart from my thanks, it’s a good news story worth sharing for the time of year that’s in it.



Built with love.

Pinched with HATE.

Gavin Hinfey writes:

I know you don’t usually do this but my bike (above) was robbed from out side my apartment on Harcourt Terrace [south city centre, Dublin 2]. I had built it myself and use it all the time. It was taken yesterday morning. I was waiting to see if it might have popped up on Adverts or Done Deal to no avail. Some details: It had a Kyrptonite lock attached and Raleigh badge at the front. Its a silver single speed bike. Red saddle and yellow handlebars. Paint job is brand new. It had broken but functional pedals and an improvised drop bolt on the brakes (which is not a good idea I know). I built it myself and I would really like it back. Thanks for listening…




Gorugeen writes:

Truck spotted in cycle lane on Thomas st [Dublin] last night. The driver actually checked to see what room he had left!!!


Ciara writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but – in the spirit of Christmas and all! – could you possibly put out the word that my lost watch, if found and returned to me, could earn someone a nice reward? It’s a silver ladies’ Citizen watch (like the one pictured above) and was lost somewhere between Dublin 2 and Dublin 6, possibly on my cycle back from the Christmas Markets last Thursday.”



Bought in Summer

Pinched in Autumn.

Joe Furlong writes:

I was hoping you could throw this up. My yellow Raleigh bike which I bought at the end of June was stolen from my back garden on Avondale Avenue in Phibsborough yesterday.It’s not the most expensive bike in the world but I’m not in a position to go buying new bikes all the time. It’s got neon green tape holding the front light on and also on the frame underneath the lock holder. If anyone sees it about I’d really appreciate a heads up. Thank you.