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TheRichList writes:

We have lost a set of keys between Rathmines and Rathgar with a Volvo key attached to it, same as in the photo (above) .If someone find them, could you please hand in to Rathmines Garda station?

There are another three keys attached to it and a swipe for a gate. Any help appreciated!


Any excuse

Ian writes:

I was at Dublin Airport on Saturday. Someone used a nearby ATM and left without taking their money. I reported this and was told that they have done something to the ATMs and this has become something of “thing”.

Apparently all I can do is report it to the Airport Police. I thought I’d mention it on here and see if I can’t reunite the person with their hard-earned…


Did you pick up a fare in Pearse Square tonight?

Beibhinn writes:

This is very urgent. A laptop was left in the back of a cab going from Pearse Square, Pearse Street to Harrington Street [Dublin 2] at around 6pm this evening.

This laptop IS our business and is irreplaceable.

It’s A Toshiba in a navy computer bag there are invoices in bag too with markets address & mobile contact numbers s plus a mobile merchant card reader

The taxi was hailed on the street and we have no info on the driver or cab company. Please, please help us spread the word to readers.