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Adam Smith writes:

Fia is a female adult Boxer who was  last seen in Ballinascorney, Dublin 24 walking in the forest last night. A group of friends and family have been out searching all day with no luck. We’ll be back out again tomorrow but in the meantime we’re trying to share the word as much as possible. Fia is microchipped and she should have her lead and collar on. Any information please call 01-4994700 or email lost@dspca.ie Thank you.


John writes:

I was outside the big Centra in Stoneybatter earlier on today at about 12pm and I overheard some lad trying to make a quick sale on a bike. The potential buyer asked him where he got it, to which he replied ‘on the southside’.

He was trying to flog it for €50.

From what I could see, and after doing some research online, I would say it’s a black Carerra ‘Vengeance’ with neon blue text and trim, a little battered, but still in good condition.

Maybe Centra could help out with some security footage?


Earlier: Busted




Patrick writes:

Maybe you can help. I saw this bloke (above) robbing the bike he’s with at City Hall [Dublin 2].. I took the bike off him and have it somewhere safe for the owner. I don’t know who the owner is but if they could get in touch I will give them all the info….




The bike in question at a safe location this morning. Recognise it?


This morning.

Anon writes:

I was walking to work this morning and noticed a purse lying behind the railings on Great Strand Street [Dublin 1]. There are quite a few cards in the wallet and one sticking out that very clearly look like an IADT [Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology] student card… Maybe you can help the owner find it. I could also see the top of a driver’s license. I couldn’t reach it as it is behind locked railing but I’m sure the owner could reach it somehow. Approx location here.


UPDATE: Owner located (see comments)

Result, in fairness.


John Gallen writes:

I understand you don’t normally do this but my beautiful baby was lifted from a locked bike shed at work St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7. They bust open the locked shed :(

It’s a black and red “LaPierre Raid FX full-sus downhill racing MTB” and in perfect nick. Valued at just over a €1,000.

Why am I cycling a bike like that to work…. there’s a lock up at work, it’s a joy to ride, and a joy I hate to miss when it’s not raining, dragging the last out of the fair weather…


Elizabeth B writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but the youngest and smallest member of our family was lost in Dublin Airport this morning.

His name is Nigel, he is a wooden electric Ukulele in a hard silver case, and he turns one year old tomorrow. His owner (age 17) is flying back to Bermuda without him….and is devastated.

Any help your lovely readers can give us to get him back is much appreciated! (Yes, we filled out the lost and found forms) Thanks in advance, Broadsheeters! #FindingNigel



Elizabeth writes:

Nigel was found and handed in, will be picked up and shipped out. The kid’s flight hasn’t even landed yet so I’ll have good news for her! thanks….


Last Summer YOU helped journalist Barry Hartigan find an office mate to share his swanky central Dublin HQ.


He’s been back on.

Barry writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but our summer tenants are moving out at the end of the month so I will have a room to let in my office on Dame Street [Dublin 2] and I hoped to spread the word here again.

Plenty of space in the main room (above) and currently there are two of us using the others. It has its own bathroom & mini kitchen and the building is located just a few yards from the Olympia Theater with access 7 days a week.

The rent is low, with bills even lower, and it would it all sorts of uses. If you, or anybody you know is interested, mail me on barryhartigan@gmail.com and please spread the word. Cheers!