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Drogg writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I lost my wedding ring (above arrowed) Christmas Day while swimming on Greystones Beach [Greystones, County Wicklow] but by any small chance of that it’s now not pirate treasure at the the bottom of the Irish Sea and somebody found it could they drop a comment and let us know thanks.



Left in a ‘pick-up’ taxi.

Joe Maher, guitarist in The Marionnnes, writes:

I left my brown Fender Telecaster Modern Player (above in foreground) behind in a taxi last night. In a guitar bag full of pedals amounting to around a grand’s worth.

I hailed the driver on South Circular Road [Dublin 8] at around 2.30 and he brought me to North Brunswick Street [Dublin 7] outside the Richmond apartments where I live. I left without thinking of it because im an idiot. No number no car type. :( The driver was of African descent that’s pretty much all I know…


UPDATE: Possible guitar sighting (see comments).



Ranelagh Station, Dublin 6

Shona writes:

I know you don’t usually do this. But I found a sum of money at Ranelagh Station at around nine this morning. It’s the time of year where that might really matter to someone.

Any chance you might post this and put me in touch with anyone who can give the correct details of the amount and where I found it….

Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie, anyone?