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donegan landscaping dublinbloom

Peter’s Bloom 2008 offering (top) and his show garden (above) from Bloom 2007. Peter in centre.

We don’t normally do this but….

Landscape gardener Peter Donegan writes:

This may sound a bit odd…. but I’m looking for a helicopter. For a garden. A show garden that is.As it stands I have no sponsor. Not a concern. I’ve been here before. Far more importantly, I’ve no flying machine and so I can’t entirely equation the creative. And so the chicken and the egg story continues. I’ve been here before. It’s all good…Of note: the better the outside and inside of the copter the better. It doesn’t need an engine. That said, beggars and choosers and…. Try me. “


Wanted Helicopter. For A Garden (PeterDoneganLandscaping)


Aisling and jacket in happier times.

Parted in Aldi.

Aisling Twomey writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this, but I left a black leather jacket in Aldi on Parnell Street [Dublin] on Wednesday evening on the shelf inside the window. I put it aside to pack stuff and forgot to pick it up again. It was a gift and I’m devastated to lose it. It’s short, has quilted sleeves and is a size 10, from The Edit at Dunnes Stores. It was pricey enough and it means a lot to me- I’m offering a reward for its return….”




Aaron Jewel writes:

“The kitten is doing great, but it is not a street cat so it might be someone’s lost kitten. Myself and a few friends found it on Tuesday night beside the [Grand] Canal in Portobello [Dublin, crying out for over an hour and stuck down a wall beside the canal. It was completely alone and lost. She took a while to come near any human contact but now is really happy to have been found. I don’t think she would have lasted long out on the canal on her own. If she is not missed from a home, I am looking to find a good home for her.”


Ciaran le Cool of Le Cool Dublin.

He’s never without a bike.

Or so we thought.

He laments:

“I don’t have an actual picture of the actual bike but the above is a similar product shot. It was a black, men’s Trek bike and it had two distinctive features; a silver rear rack and a child’s saddle on the crossbar. Taken from outside the Central Hotel, Wicklow Street, Dublin, on Sunday night. This is my daughter using it in happier times. Those thieves have clipped her wings….”


A sturdy if painful ride.

Emily Flynn writes:

“This old racer bike was dumped outside our house [Dublin 6] last night. It is now missing a few parts but it’s a nice bike and might have sentimental value to someone. There’s a repairs sticker on the top of the frame that the owner should be able to describe. There is probably little chance of it finding its owner but my karma sense is tingling so just thought I would send the pic in….”



Keith Farrell writes:

“Yesterday afternoon I found that my jeep was broken into in Dublin and my lovely bike – a Felt T23 – lifted from the back of it by some f**kwits with nothing better to do than rob other people’s hard earned property. If it was parked on a street in the middle of nowhere I’d say fair enough but it was parked in a ‘secure’ underground car park [Clarion Quay Apartments, IFSC, Dublin]. I’m only in Dublin working for the week so pretty pissed off about the whole deal to be honest!  I haven’t got a good enough photo of it to be of any use but found this shot (above) online of someone else’s Felt T23…”



It’s a long shot…

Olga writes:

“I left my phone [similar to the one above] in a mini-bus taxi on Camden Street [Dublin] on Saturday night. When I later realised my phone was missing, a friend called my number and a guy, saying his name was Dan, answered it. He said he found it in the taxi and would return it to me the following day, Sunday.
I’ve bcalled the number he gave but it’s going straight to voicemail. I’ve also had friends text the number and there’s been no reply. Perhaps my friend misheard him when she took down the number? Or he lost his own phone? He was heading to a party in Leopardstown [Co Dublin] when my friend spoke to him. My phone is also going straight to voicemail…”


UPDATE: Olga writes: “His name wasn’t Dan, it was John! He has it and I’m collecting it after work tonight…”