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Fiona writes:

“I know you don’t usually do this but… My friend’s bag, which looks a bit like the one above , was taken by two men from Sweetman’s pub [Burgh Quay, Dublin]  on the Quays last night at 9pm. They went east towards Hawkins Street and may have dumped the bag along there. The bag has baby scans in it which she is eager to get back, someone may have seen it…”



Ben Reinhardt writes:

My bike was stolen last night from Wellington Quay, Dublin  (near Parliament St junction ). Locked it at 7:15pm, came out of Bison Bar at 9:10pm and was gone. There were several other bikes locked there at the time and there were none left by the time I returned. Think it could have been a van which lifted them all. The make and model is “Merida Ride 77″ as above) Had clip in pedals, blue bar tape and Gatorskin tyres. Really appreciate the help.