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Dara Flynn writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but my mother lost an antique rose gold bracelet recently, most likely in Dublin city centre: around the Eccles Street and Henry Street areas. Around 11 days ago – November 7.

If anyone heard of someone finding such a thing, I’d be delighted to know! She’s quite upset about it, as it’s of high sentimental value to her and we’d absolutely love to get it back to her. We’ve contacted all the premises she was in on that date, and Dublin Bus, but no joy so far… so we are hoping someone has found it on the street.

We don’t have a good pic of it, but it closely resembles the bracelets in these pictures, i.e. Victorian in style, except my mother’s bracelet has all short “fancy links” rather than the long and short link formation seen on these ones (above)…


Have you seen this bike (above)?

Lisa writes:

Could you please ask people to keep and eye out for this bike (above) it belonged to our mate Timmy (top) who died a few months ago and we want it back.. it means a lot to us to be ridden on the streets of Dublin by someone Timmy would have wanted to ride it..

Timmy worked as a push bike courier in Dublin for 24 years – 72,000 hours on this bike.. It’s covered in stickers from all over the world some gifts some Timmy got when at bicycle events in those countries…it was stolen in the Portobello area ..

It’s a standard Trek road bike …there is a weld spot near the crank, it’s not worth a whole lot to anyone but us ..Thank you very much.



Is this yours?

Dan writes:

I found this VISA debit card outside the Jameson distillery/Jo Burger in Smithfield [Dublin 7] at around 1pm today I can hand it back to a branch but thought it might be worth posting here first in case it can be re-united its owner without the need to go through the hassle of cancelling it..

UPDATE: Lisa located (see comments)


This morning.

Stephen writes:

I know you sometimes post these things. Someone cycling in the opposite direction to me on the Grand Canal cycleway this morning dropped their keys (above). I’m sure they’d like to be reunited with them. They’re in Kevin Street. Garda Station….


Alan writes:

These are my keys Thanks a million for posting this, and for sharing on twitter – that’s how I found the article. I picked them up from the Garda station just now. I don’t think I’d have been reunited with them only for this article, so thanks!


Have you seen this handbag?

Gemma Coughlan writes:

I’m hoping you can help us out. My sister’s handbag was stolen last night (Sunday, October 9) from Busáras Station, [Store Street, Dublin 1] at around 10:30pm.

While the handbag and most contents can be replaced there’s one thing that cannot-there was a large pink plastic folder in the bag containing hundreds of photos of our grandparents, parents and all my siblings and me growing up-in particular some of our late mother.

Our father’s 65th birthday is coming up and we were trying to put something together with the photos to mark it. All the photos are originals and hadn’t been digitally copied yet so it’s quite upsetting.

I’m hoping you can ask readers to keep an eye out in the vicinity of Busáras for the handbag (above) and bright pink folder with all the photos. It would mean so much to us to get them back. The bag also contained some money, two asthma inhalers, earphones and a bright pink hot water bottle so very random contents!!



Gemma writes:

Amazingly enough a friend found about ten of our photos this morning along with the folder but most are gone and the photos were all wet but hopefully retrievable.Our friend passed the street coming from Marlborough Quay into Hawkins Street-at the corner there are two phone booths and this is where she saw the photos laying around and picked them up. I’m hoping someone else spotted the photos earlier and took them.