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Oh the humanity.

Damn you Captain Birdseye.

Dan writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I  found what appears to be a school pupil’s project on the Titanic. It was found outside the Ballsbridge Hotel [formerly Jury's Hotel] Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 at 3.45pm beside the southbound bus stop. I have left it in the reception of the hotel…




Lost in Rathgar, Dublin 6 since Friday.

Feared gone FOREVER.

Peter Maxwell writes:

Rusty was found on Saturday by a kind girl called Leanne [who took the picture above) who looked after him for the weekend and then saw the appeal [yesterday]. Rusty is home safe now with my aunt and uncle.. Thanks very much for all the help!

Yesterday: Have You seen Rusty?



Peter Maxwell writes;

I know you guys don’t normally do this but my uncle and aunt’s dog, Rusty, escaped from their house around Highfield Road Rathgar, Dublin 6], on Friday night [February 27]. He’s a wonderful dog and to say they’re distraught is an absolute understatement. Rusty was a stray and was found wandering 5 years ago when he was kindly taken in so he’s used to the mean streets….





A beloved Italian companion.


Louise Hendricks writes:

Beloved Vespa lifted from a (supposedly) secured car park in Temple Bar Dublin 2 at 2:30am on Tuesday. They have a guy on CCTV but aren’t holding out much hope of retrieving it.
It’s a Vespa LXV 125, grey with missing side-mirrors and a few scratches on both sides of the body. Sorely missed…a loyal companion for the past 5 years! Just trying to do anything/my best to get it back.



Not just any old bikes.

Tara writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but..My Aunt and Uncles house on Barton Road, Rathfarnham [Co Dublin] was broken into on Monday between 10am – 3 pm and both of my uncle’s precious motorbikes were taken from their garage.

He’s nearly 70 and still out riding every weekend, or he was until some heartless little sod stole them. He is the first to help out any newcomers to the sport and to lend his bikes to those without, he probably would have lent it to them if they’d just asked.

If anyone has any information or see them advertised please get in touch. Blue: Honda XR 250 with cylinder removed with Husky WP forks. Red: Yamaha WR 250F Blue with blue hand guards They mean a huge amount to him and won’t be easily replaced. Thank you.



Molly Malone (arrowed) meets her siblings this afternoon

Further to orphan duck Molly Malone’s travails from earlier.

Some good news, some sad news.

Dublin SPCA writes:

As you may have read earlier we have a lone duckling (Molly) in the shelter since yesterday. This morning having received a call from the public our inspectors went out to a building site looking for the rest of Molly’s family. Unfortunately when they got there only three of the ducklings and the mammy were left. The inspectors managed to catch the three ducklings but sadly mammy flew away. It is never ideal to raise ducklings without their mother but in this case there was just no choice as they would not have survived if left on the site.

Heart-pinging video here

Earlier: Squeak Molly Malone



Dublin SPCA writes:

This is Molly Malone, she was found on the street yesterday on her own in Dublin 2 and is the first duckling to come into the shelter this year. Molly has been cared for overnight but is very distressed without her family. This morning our inspectors are trying to rescue what we believe to be the rest of the family on a building site again in Dublin 2. This is a very difficult rescue so we will have to wait to see if they are successful We will keep you posted….

Dublin SPCA

molly cream


Meadhb writes:

I know you don’t normally do this yesterday my friend (Christina) brought her dog into work with her on Mountjoy Street [Dublin 7] to do a bit of catch up and Molly (her black and white Poodle cross) got out and is missing. She is micro-chipped but the thing is she doesn’t know the area and she could be anywhere. We are going to put up posters up this afternoon, and I would be grateful if you could share this, as you can see she is very small and cute…




Meadhb writes:

‘Christina just got Molly back. A nice man on Clonliff Road found her. Lors Lost Dog page on Facebook made the connection for us thanks for all your help :-)




Can you give her the flame-free stability she deserves?

Irish SPCA writes:

Mabel was found straying with a severe burn covering nearly her entire back, and must have been in tremendous pain. Fortunately, a member of our Inspectorate was alerted to Mabel’s case, and she was brought in for immediate vet treatment. She is healing well now, and will be ready for a new home very soon!

Mabel is a really friendly girl with will make a great lap cat and companion. Despite all she has been through, she still has such a placid and affectionate nature. If you think you can give Mabel the loving home she deserves, please contact the National Animal Centre on 043 33 25 035, email rehoming@ispca.ie or visit our website [link below]. Thanks.

Irish SPCA


Eva McGauley as a young cover star (top) and today (above)

Dudley Colley writes:

Eva is the daughter of Pat McGauley who many moons ago was bass player in Dublin band, The Dudley Corporation. In fact, Eva was the cover star of their second LP “In Love With…” in a gorgeous sketch drawn by Atsuo of Japanese band Boris.
Eva is 15 now and we just got the horrible news that she has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a rare form of cancer which affects the throat and nose, and is being treated in a specialist cancer unit in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Eva’s treatment programme means that she will have to spend months away from home and as a result her mother, Kate Hardwick, will need to be away from work for some time.
Pat has set up a fund it page for Eva [link below] and if you can spare it, anything would be a massive help to them. Cancer in kids, all wrong. Thanks folks, and be well, Eva!

Eva McGauley Treatment Fund