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Answers Reacts to his name.

Possibly nosing around Ringsend.

Sarah writes:

My friend in work’s cat has gone missing around the Ringsend area, near Fisherman’s Wharf. His name is Chico, he is a 4 year old male, neutered and microchipped – this is really unlike him and it is a bad week for cats to be missing with bonfires etc… He answers to his name unusually for a cat.. if people could keep an eye out for him that would be great. He belongs to Fionnuala…it would be great if you could post this Broadsheet as she is really worried.


UPDATE: Chico found safe and well although a little “hoarse”. More to follow. Thanks all.


But with her eyes closed.


Cat of the day.

Literally no trouble at all.

Dublin SPCA writes:

“Fluffy is a beautiful, long haired lady who is looking for a special home. She is a sweet, docile kitty and all she wants is a window ledge in the sun. She is 15 years old and came into our care when her loving owner sadly moved into a nursing home. She will happily snooze all day and will be a wonderful addition to a quiet home. If you are interested in adopting Fluffy, please email adopt@dspca.ie, or visit our campus in Rathfarnham [Co Dublin]…”

Dublin SPCA (Facebook)


Were you ‘on’ last night?

An urgent appeal.

Ross Geraghty writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but a taxi drove off with ALL my worldly possessions last night. Literally everything I own in the world and having just returned to work after a period of unemployment I really am up shit Creek right now. I’d really appreciate it if you could put something up on your site. it was just after Midnight from Camden Street  and the taxi dropped me at the Supervalue in Churchtown. I’ve tried the guards but it wasn’t handed in. I’d just finished work and threw my bag in the boot, once I got our the driver must have forgot I’d my bag in the boot and left. …”



Is this yours?

Take a seat.

Bonkers writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but if you did normally do this then maybe you wouldn’t have to do the thing that you don’t normally do so much.
What’s wrong with the bike (above)? On first inspection it feels like your eyes are being violated but zoom in and take a close look at the lock and you see that this bike isn’t actually locked to anything.
All a thief has to do is stretch that cable by hand and then feed it past the saddle and around the rear wheel and suddenly Broadsheet are doing the thing that they don’t normally do.
The ironic thing is a victim of such a theft comes back to see no bike but a fully intact lock hanging off the bike rack. No doubt they are left scratching their head thinking Harry Houdini just nicked their bike using escapism. Not so, opportunity makes the thief and a bike ‘locked’ in that fashion is the easiest opportunity of all, it requires no tools, just a keen eye and your bike is gone in seconds.
So lock your bikes people, check out the Sheldon locking technique and make sure your lock is going through the triangle in the frame and also through the rear wheel too as it is often the second most expensive component on a bike yet stolen in seconds with a allen key…”

Thanks Bonkers.

*slinks off to pub*



We’ve all been there, in fairness.

Cats’ Aid writes:

“Jill is our Cat of the day. She is a very affectionate and gentle 2 year old female cat who was found abandoned near Dublin Airport heavily pregnant. She had 5 kittens who have all been re-homed and now it’s her turn! She is a total sweetheart and would be a great addition to any family. She is neutered and vaccinated and her bags are packed ready for a forever home!”


Cats’ Aid (Facebook)


At the weekend, Tom O’Dea emailed about his bike (above) after it was cruelly lifted from South Richmond Street, Dublin “outside OYA cafe”.

He thought it was gone forever.

He writes:

“I still know you don’t normally do this but the bike I emailed about last weekend was spotted last night at 9:00 being cycled along the North Quays outside Liberty Hall. Someone was cycling it along the path against traffic hence why my friend who was driving lost him. I’d really appreciate highlighting it since it’s still around the city centre. It actually has red wheels now unlike in the photo.”