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A bit Mutt and Jeff?

Named after the martyr?

That’s him!

Karl writes:

“You dropped your wallet on Merrion Square [Dublin] his evening while cycling a Dublin Bike. I picked it up but didn’t catch you because you were on a bike and I was not (also, I am slow and chasing you in work shoes while wearing a suit was very unedifying). You also appear to be hard of hearing because I was shouting at you. I might be slow but I am not quiet. Anyway, your wallet is intact as are its contents and cash and it can be collected just off Merrion Square tomorrow. I’ll drop it in to the Gardai at lunchtime if no contact is made through Broadsheet.


UPDATE: Mission accomplished! (see comments)



Miss Carroll writes:

“Please help find my (again) missing cat, Eddie. Gone from West Road in East Wall [Dublin] (Fairview Park end) since last Sunday. Thank you.”



photo 2-32Kaiser

The bike is safe.

The dog is missing.

Peter writes:

“My friend’s fiercely independent dog left on an adventure yesterday. He departed Clonskeagh [Dublin] and was seen heading out the Malahide Road this morning. I know you don’t usually do this but…He’s a gent, quite skittish when approached although at this stage I’d imagine some food may entice him! He has a number on his collar and is microchipped. (He goes by the name Kaiser)…”


UPDATE: Found (see comments).

donegan landscaping dublinbloom

Peter’s Bloom 2008 offering (top) and his show garden (above) from Bloom 2007. Peter in centre.

We don’t normally do this but….

Landscape gardener Peter Donegan writes:

This may sound a bit odd…. but I’m looking for a helicopter. For a garden. A show garden that is.As it stands I have no sponsor. Not a concern. I’ve been here before. Far more importantly, I’ve no flying machine and so I can’t entirely equation the creative. And so the chicken and the egg story continues. I’ve been here before. It’s all good…Of note: the better the outside and inside of the copter the better. It doesn’t need an engine. That said, beggars and choosers and…. Try me. “


Wanted Helicopter. For A Garden (PeterDoneganLandscaping)