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Last Summer YOU helped journalist Barry Hartigan find an office mate to share his swanky central Dublin HQ.


He’s been back on.

Barry writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but our summer tenants are moving out at the end of the month so I will have a room to let in my office on Dame Street [Dublin 2] and I hoped to spread the word here again.

Plenty of space in the main room (above) and currently there are two of us using the others. It has its own bathroom & mini kitchen and the building is located just a few yards from the Olympia Theater with access 7 days a week.

The rent is low, with bills even lower, and it would it all sorts of uses. If you, or anybody you know is interested, mail me on barryhartigan@gmail.com and please spread the word. Cheers!


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Daire writes:

I know you ALWAYS do this: I found this black racing bike on the corner of North Circular Road and Aughrim Street [Dublin 7] yesterday evening at around 8.30pm. It’s got a front puncture but otherwise is fine.

Its logos and design have been blacked out so not much to distinguish it by, the only noticeable thing I could find was on the tyres. If you could throw it up on your lovely website that would be great to pass it on, Guards are useless in this situation unfortunately…



This evening.

Una McMahon writes:

I realisew you don’t normally do this but I just found this down the side of a seat on the 123 bus in Marino. It seems to pertain to an ongoing legal issue concerning a couple called ‘Lynch’ and I’m sure someone is frantic over its disappearance. I have it with me but can leave it to the Garda station of the owner’s choosing


UPDATE: Owner located. Thanks all.


Nora Costigan writes:

I’m aware of the slim likelihood of this appeal yielding any fruit but here goes. My beloved mini Gladys was robbed on Great Strand Street, Dublin 1, in the Italian quarter yesterday evening.

This (above) is her the other day having a frolic on the beach. She’s got no mirror in the driver side mirror casing and only has a rear number plate, the front one being represented by black marker.

She’s pretty friendly and will generally come to anyone who wants to pet her bonnet and offer some petrol treats. She’s much missed. If anyone sees her sure you know how to get me. (Come on universe, I’ll be a good girl forever if you pull this one out of the bag.)

Sure give this an aul share if you’re feeling like you might know someone benevolent with connections in the underworld. Yours on foot, Carless Costigan




Andy Byrne writes:

I know you don’t usually partake in things like this, but my wife’s bike appears to have been stolen sometime last night from the shed. It was, and likely still is, a silver Specialized commuting bike (as above) and has mudguards and a back rack. It was savagely taken from Artane [Dublin 5]. Any help in getting it returned is appreciated :)


Laura writes:

At around 9pm this evening, I (stupidly) left my black Michael Kors bag (as above) in the basket of a Dublin Bike on Barrow Street [Dublin 4[. I hopped off and made a phone call, walked about 50 meters before turning and legging it back – but the bag was gone, nowhere to be seen.
It has a lot of personal items in it, my wallet, cards, keys, sunglasses etc…if anyone had any information on this or saw anything I would really really appreciate hearing from them.


UPDATE: Bag returned (see comments).