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Shane writes:

I know you don’t normally do this and am embarrassed to ask. I have misplaced my backpack (above). I left it in the back of a taxi in Marino [Dublin 3] last Friday night. Admittedly I was the worse for wear, but realised my mistake when it was just too late.

It has some treasured possessions (my e-reader and a hardback notepad), and some not so treasured, a firewire card for a PC, and a lunchbox. I reported it to the guards on Saturday but have yet to hear back.

I would really appreciate if somebody knows its whereabouts that they might return it, and would gladly pay a reward.




From top: Meg on her missing bike and its distinctive gold bell

That’ll learn you.

Meg Hyland writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but my bicycle (in photo top) was stolen from the James Luas stop {Dublin 8]  today. if anyone sees it around town…it’s a teal green Sprick ladies city, Sprick, ladies city bike, 55cm, 5 speed with a black basket and a big gold bell (as above) and black tape at the front of the saddle. And a couple of plastic stars on the spokes  Thank you…


1 2

A defiantly-colored one-off deck MISSING.

Laura Gaynor writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I’m wondering if you can help reunite me with my skateboard.

I left it/ last saw it on the 11am train from Dun Laoghaire [County Dublin] to Greystones [County Wicklow] but it is now missing.

it’s is a custom-made one-off Penneyboard. There is only one of this board in existence and it looks like an Irish flag.

I got it because I don’t like cycling or walking. Can the readers of broadsheet help reunite me with the extension of my feet?




Nice one Harry, in fairness.


Drogg writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I lost my wedding ring (above arrowed) Christmas Day while swimming on Greystones Beach [Greystones, County Wicklow] but by any small chance of that it’s now not pirate treasure at the the bottom of the Irish Sea and somebody found it could they drop a comment and let us know thanks.