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Felix (right) and ‘Ducky’ (arrowed) in happier times


Carol Ballantine writes:

I know you don’t usually do this, but this weekend we lost my son Felix’s extremely beloved duck on the Number 77 bus from Pearse Street [Dublin]. It was around 5pm, and we got on at Pearse St and off at Cork St. Dublin Bus lost property doesn’t operate at the weekends, and by the time we called, there was no sign of Ducky.
If anybody saw Ducky and could give us a lead, it would be amazing. Alternatively, if anyone has any ideas about where we could get a replacement Ducky. We won him at a fair in the Green Door Market on Newmarket Square at the beginning of the summer – I think it was for the Hope Foundation…




Joseph Furlong writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I found this Kindle in the basket of the Dublin Bike I got at the Kevin Street stop around 8.45 this morning. It’s registered to Andrew Dillon, I can’t seem to find his personal email address on the kindle so I thought someone here on Broadsheet might know him or he might see it himself.


UPDATE: Andrew located. Thanks all.


That Macbook Air.

Found in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Shane O’Curry writes:

Found the owner, folks, thanks. I did it by using terminal and resetting password as outlined by Nialler (see below). I have contacted the owner in the country they live in and am posting it to them….

Nialler’s tip: Boot the machine while holding cmd-R, go through the language stage of recovery mode then in the utilities menu at the top go to Terminal, once terminal launches type the following: ‘resetpassword’ Up pops the reset password utility, reset the users password then log in. Go to the users contacts and find the Me contact and give him a call. Simples!!

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This morning.

Was it for this, etc.

Deb Molloy writes:

I know you never do this, but a lady left a bag with personal items in a Dublin Bike basket on Charlemont Place (outside the Hilton). I tried to find her (along with another Dublin Bike user, many thanks to him) but to no avail. I think she may have got on the Luas at the Charelemont Stop, but I am not sure. Could you please help reunite the bag with the owner?



Mark O’Sullivan writes:

I know you don’t normally do this… but the young lad’s navy maxi-micro scooter was left in the back of a grey Toyota Avensis taxi between Ranelagh rank [Dublin 6] and Ballyogen [Dublin 18] last Thursday [August 20] around 5.30pm. He loves his scooter and he’ll need it starting back to school next week.
The driver was “from the country” and had some devotional pictures on the dashboard. It would be great if any of your readers knew this driver or where the scooter was…


This morning.

Paul Gunning writes:

I know you don’t usually do this but I found a wallet today and would like its owner to get it back. Found in the basket of a Dublin Bike on Clonmel St [Dublin 2]. It has a star wars theme and no discernible ID other than the below Etihad card. I’ve dropped it into Donnybrook Garda Station [Dublin 4]…