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Ciara writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but – in the spirit of Christmas and all! – could you possibly put out the word that my lost watch, if found and returned to me, could earn someone a nice reward? It’s a silver ladies’ Citizen watch (like the one pictured above) and was lost somewhere between Dublin 2 and Dublin 6, possibly on my cycle back from the Christmas Markets last Thursday.”



Bought in Summer

Pinched in Autumn.

Joe Furlong writes:

I was hoping you could throw this up. My yellow Raleigh bike which I bought at the end of June was stolen from my back garden on Avondale Avenue in Phibsborough yesterday.It’s not the most expensive bike in the world but I’m not in a position to go buying new bikes all the time. It’s got neon green tape holding the front light on and also on the frame underneath the lock holder. If anyone sees it about I’d really appreciate a heads up. Thank you.



It thinks its mum is under every car bonnet.

Aisling writes:

This kitten was found in Santry, Co Dublin it was hiding in the engine of my car, luckily I hear it crying before I started my car, I took it out and it was very nervous. I left alone for awhile hoping it’s mother would find it but it just kept trying to get into the engines of the cars In my garden, I was worried if I left it out it would get into someone else’s car and they would not hear it cry before starting there cars so I took it in for the night. If this is your cat please contact 0858295199.

Cat’s Aid (Facebook)


A month-old hybrid.


Mary Clare writes:

My month-old bike (an orange Scott Sub 30 2012 hybrid bike)) wasstolen from outside my office in Merrion Square [Dublin] by a guy with a high viz and a black hat (to avoid the CCTV) – he’s been seen around before and this is the 3rd bike stolen from the same place. I reported it in Pearse Street and was told that there is a phenomenal amount of bikes being [stolen at the moment]…