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We don’t normOMNOMNOMNOM

Lorna writes:

“One lunchbox (like above), containing a rather delicious chicken, spinach and red cauliflower lunch (I swear it’s tasty). Left at the Dublin Bike stand on Barrow Street at 9/9:05 this morning. I blame sleeping out the alarm and rushing/being late for work. Failing a reunion, I hope someone can enjoy a tasty lunch on my behalf.”

Red cauliflower?




Elderly and off the leash.

Denis O’Riordan writes:

“Molly is a 14 year old mix breed Lab that has been missing since last night. We are very worried about her at this stage, poor thing is very feeble. Please keep an eye out for her. We live in Ballsbridge [Dublin] area. She was last seen in Baggot street. Thankyou.”


1am UPDATE: Molly found (see comments)


Philip writes:

“Found a Venezuelan passport and money transfer receipt at the end of the [Samuel] Beckett Bridge this morning about 8.45. Will hand it in to the Pearse Street Garda station later.”

UPDATE: Owner located (see comments)


paddy gilboy-3

Sarah writes:

“This passport was handed in at the desk in DIT Library in Cathal Brugha Street yesterday. Paddy’s not a student here it seems so we’ve no way of contacting him. If he sees this post, or anyone that knows him does, he can collect from the desk in the library. Otherwise we’ll drop it into Pearse St. Garda station during the week. Thanks.”


Update: Owner located (see comments)


Are you currently missing an iPod and this phone (above) with Dutch time (hmmm) included?

Read on.

Conor writes:

“A Skerries [Co Dublin]-bound passenger on the 3am 33N Nitelink left his HTC phone and iPod behind him. He had a distinctive Mohawk hairstyle. I think his name is Barry, but I don’t know him. After  unsuccessfully trying to flog it down the pub waiting for someone to call the phone (nobody has), I thought maybe Broadsheet could come to the rescue? I won’t be in the city til next weekend, so if there’s no reply I’ll hand them into the Dublin Bus Lost and Found then.”


UPDATE: Phone & iPod and owner reunited.



Rebecca Lotti writes:

“I know you guys don’t normally do this, but I found this gorgeous young cat last night in the Leopardstown Heights area [Leopardstown, Dublin 18]. He/she is extremely friendly, affectionate and is in good health so I know it must be missed by someone right now. It has a collar but no tag and a [flamboyant] grey ringed fluffy tail…”



The jeans were on special offer…

Have you been on Dublin Bikes today?

Spotted anything brown, soft and crinkly?

Rob (above) writes:

“Don’t suppose anyone contacted you about finding a brown leather jacket [above] in the basket of Dublin Bike at the stand near the Charlemont Luas stop [Grand parade, Dublin 2] this morning? I know that’s a primary stomping ground for your readers :) Really like to get it back, I’ve had it for ages and it cost a bomb.”