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Rebecca Lotti writes:

“I know you guys don’t normally do this, but I found this gorgeous young cat last night in the Leopardstown Heights area [Leopardstown, Dublin 18]. He/she is extremely friendly, affectionate and is in good health so I know it must be missed by someone right now. It has a collar but no tag and a [flamboyant] grey ringed fluffy tail…”



The jeans were on special offer…

Have you been on Dublin Bikes today?

Spotted anything brown, soft and crinkly?

Rob (above) writes:

“Don’t suppose anyone contacted you about finding a brown leather jacket [above] in the basket of Dublin Bike at the stand near the Charlemont Luas stop [Grand parade, Dublin 2] this morning? I know that’s a primary stomping ground for your readers :) Really like to get it back, I’ve had it for ages and it cost a bomb.”



Scooperman writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but I came home from the Sligo Fleadh in a misty haze of confusion, minus this drum [above]. It owes me nothing at this stage but the wife bought it for me so I’m under pressure to get it back. Any help greatly appreciated.”


Daragh OConnorDaragh and his Epic Mountain bike

Brighid O’Connor writes:

“Please help! This is my lovely late husband Daragh on his Specialized Epic mountain bike. He loved his bike. I have been keeping it for the past 3 years until my son would be big enough to ride it and I handed it in to Tramore cycle services [Broad Street, Tramore, Co Waterford] on Thursday 14th August for a service. It was waiting near the door for collection and an unknown young man collected it on Wednesday/Thursday 20th/21st.. He told them his aunt had dropped it in. Needless to say we are really upset because of the sentimental value involved….”


Thanks Emma Dwyer


Jon Lee writes:

I know you don’t normally do this….My friend Aleksandra had her motorbike stolen from her home in Terenure [Co Dublin] – it’s her only mode of transport – she imported it from Poland earlier this year, so hopefully it’d be less common and easier to spot by bikers. It’s a Zippy ZV, reg number 132 D 1350. Thanks.”





A bit Mutt and Jeff?

Named after the martyr?

That’s him!

Karl writes:

“You dropped your wallet on Merrion Square [Dublin] his evening while cycling a Dublin Bike. I picked it up but didn’t catch you because you were on a bike and I was not (also, I am slow and chasing you in work shoes while wearing a suit was very unedifying). You also appear to be hard of hearing because I was shouting at you. I might be slow but I am not quiet. Anyway, your wallet is intact as are its contents and cash and it can be collected just off Merrion Square tomorrow. I’ll drop it in to the Gardai at lunchtime if no contact is made through Broadsheet.


UPDATE: Mission accomplished! (see comments)



Miss Carroll writes:

“Please help find my (again) missing cat, Eddie. Gone from West Road in East Wall [Dublin] (Fairview Park end) since last Sunday. Thank you.”