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One eyed optimist.

ISPCA writes:

Cindy Clawford is one of a group of cats that were rescued from horrendous conditions by a member of our Inspectorate. The cats had been locked in an abandoned property and left to starve. By the time our Inspector was alerted to the case most of the cats were emaciated, almost skeletal. Several of the cats, Cindy Clawford included, were extremely nervous of people when they arrived and in the cattery they were very stressed during their stay.

Cindy has since transformed into a different cat. She is affectionate and friendly, loves to be cuddled and stroked and will now make a fantastic pet. The difference in her is unbelievable and just goes to show that many nervous cats can turn into delightful pets once they have settled into a new home.

Since Cindy has come on in leaps and bounds we are looking for a home for her. If you think you could give her the fantastic home she deserves please contact the National Animal Centre in Longford on 043 33 25035 or email rehoming@ispca.ie. You can also find her on our website [below]


B7kUbTOCYAAng4PAmy West this afternoon.

She really really really loved her stolen pink-coloured Bianchi bike.

Causing unexpected consternation and controversy in the comments section.

But Amy writes:

SHE”s BACK! A man handed it into Rathmines Garda station!  Thank you so so so much everyone for helping me find her…


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His and hers ‘Specialised’ bikes.

One with a deadhead sticker.


Paul Edmunds writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but my beloved Specialised Sirrus 2010 and my girlfriend’s just-purchased Specialised Vita 2014 were both stolen from my garden shed last night. My house is near Ravensdale park, between Crumlin and Kimmage [Dublin].My bike has a unique Ween/Grateful Dead sticker facing upwards on the crossbar, as pictured. I would really really appreciate if anyone has any information about our bikes.




Limerick Animal Welfare writes:

The home where this dog lives in Kennedy Park [Limerick City, Co Limerick] was broken into during a family funeral [January 12].  Among the items stolen was this little pet dog.  Please share and let’s find him for the very upset family.

Limerick Animal Welfare



Dermot Bohan writes:

CCTV footage shows teenager stealing a dog [Scottie, above] left outside Superquinn in Lucan [Co Dublin]. If anyone has any information please call DSPCA on 014994700 or email lost@dspca.ie. Thanks.

Dublin SPCA (Facebook)


In an age of brutishness.

A glinting gent emerges.

Eoin writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but…I was on the DART this morning and just as we pulled into Blackrock [Co Dublin] at around 8.20, a woman’s bracelet exploded, scattering the loose charms across the first carriage floor. She was getting off at that station so I helped her pick them up and put the last ones in her hand just as the door closed. I had a quick look around afterwards though and found we missed one. I’d like to return it to her.



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Shiny happy strangers.

We haven’t the foggiest.

James C writes:

I was checking through some old memory cards and came across some photos on one of people I don’t know.I have no idea how I ended up with these photos and videos. If anybody knows who they are please let me know and I will send the SD card on. There’s a few photos of Bressie on it as well but I won’t hold that against them…



Careless loved-up hot people.

That’s who.

Brian writes:

I found this iPhone 6 (top of the line yoke) in the back of a taxi in Dundrum [Co Dublin]. Taxi driver said it was his, but when I turned it on the guy on the screen was a) a different colour b) decades younger. I know the phone owner’s first name, so anyone who can tell me the owner’s name can arrange collection. The phone has siri turned off so I can’t ask it any further details. The owner is not Irish, phone is not in English.


Claim here: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie