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It’s going to be really cold.

Then mild.

And really cold again.

“The overall theme will be large variations from some quite cold spells (expected about once a month) to very mild spells. This may be true of most winters to some extent, but I think it may stand out as the dominant feature due to the large differences involved.”
“I expect the colder portions of the winter (the next five months, that is) to be mid-November, a spell in early December, parts of early to mid January, and possibly a longer and more dominant cold spell late February into March. You can see from that schedule when the milder intervals are predicted, and this would include Christmas into New Years. A period around 4-7 January might be particularly volatile and provide some very strong winds as well as a sharp drop in temperatures leading to a brief wintry spell….

Controversial Canada-based climatologist Peter O’Donnell

Irish Winter 2014-15 Forecast (WeatherOnline)

Thanks Darragh Joyce


Controversial ‘Alternative Weatherman’ Ken Ring


The MuckSavage writes:

“Sitting in the office and decided to check what this ‘nutter’ predicted in January.
Temperatures are fairly constantly in the 20s after the 19th July, with the final three or four days in July possibly among the hottest for the season’.
Give this man a medal!”

NZ Weather Guru Predicts A Warm Summer (Lynne Kelleher, irish Examiner, January 2, 2014)