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All the early web graphics of the once popular Yahoo! hosting service (now used only in Japan) gathered together in one eye-melting vertical scroll.



7e72d1b4e767Two months ago, MOMA Poet Laureate Kenneth Goldsmith launched an insane ambitious project wherein he asked contributors to print out the entire web. Said he:

If you printed the internet, reading it would take 57,000 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop and if you read it for 10 minutes a night before bed, it would take 8,219,088 years. We begin on July 26th.

Ten tonnes of printed material is now on show at an art gallery in Mexico City.


French artist Sylvain Meyer modifies woodland and other landscapes to create transient patterns and sculptures, leaving each piece to overgrow or decay. It’s all real, there’s no Photoshopping involved.


Bottom line?

When you browse the web on your O2 mobile, they send your mobile number to every site you visit.

No, really.

From Lewis Peckover (possibly not his real name):



From the O2 Press Office

There are speculative stories about O2 in the UK, and the transmission of customers’ numbers while they are browsing the internet. This issue does not affect O2’s customers in Ireland. We do not transmit customers’ numbers when they are using our internet services. Our service is completely independent of the UK’s.