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This lunchtime.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Artist Will St Leger (above with loud speaker) choreographs a living art piece outside Dáil Eireann to highlight the homeless crisis using volunteers with sleeping bags.

More as Will arranges it.

All pics by Mick Caul

Yesterday: Bring Your Own Bag


Further baggage.


Free tomorrow?

Artist Will St. Leger writes:

Tomorrow [Tuesday] I need you to bring a sleeping bag to Dáil Eireann [Kildare Street, Dublin 2] at 1pm – I want to create a Street Art piece for politicians to see the numbers of people still sleeping on the cold streets every night…

Inner City Helping Homeless

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From top: Artist and activist Will St Leger’s art exhibition in from top: Donegal, Sligo and Mayo this week

Out Of The Shadows.

Is a six-day travelling exhibition by Will St Leger to highlight the number of women who travel out of the country for an abortion.

The exhibition, involving life-size silhouettes of women being place at bus stops, is being supported by the Abortion Rights Campaign and Amnesty International Ireland.

It will finish in Dublin this weekend – to coincide with the next meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly.

Will St Leger sez:

“Many women who travel to the UK for an abortion describe the journey as traumatic and upsetting. The Irish state and health service effectively turns its back on them, forcing them to bear the psychological, physical and financial burden alone. Women forced to travel feel sense of exclusion from their health care system, the stigma of traveling, and the burden of secrecy, shame and fear that comes with knowing they are doing something that is a criminal offence at home.
This project is designed to bring these women out of the shadows so that we can stand in solidarity with them.”

Travelling art exhibition highlights urgent need for reform of Ireland’s abortion laws (Amnesty)


Will St Leger writes:

33 years is enough: Since 1983, over 160,000 women have been forced to travel to access reproductive healthcare abroad.

Will St Leger