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Redditor Tinatinatinatina‘s sister has been “teaching math in English to 4th graders in China. Bearing in mind that ‘<‘ and ‘>’ are often used as quotation marks in certain languages, you can understand the misunderstanding.

We chose to believe, however, that the kid in question was simply being awesome.


A technical hitch  at the Oban Community Fireworks display in Scotland last Friday resulted in the entire arsenal being released almost simultaneously.

Fiasco? Intense win, more like.



After the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater’s performance of Hamlet, actress Marina Golub slips and falls on stage in front of the audience.

Cue a rather wonderful, spontaneous act of solidarity by the rest of the cast.

And, just like that, fail becomes win.



Twisternederland, Broadsheets favourite Dutch fail compiler, has added a new string to his bow: Win-Luck compilations. Here’s his tribute to the first two months of 2011.

All the sevens. Not a faceplant or crotchshot in sight.