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Lidija Radacic (top) winner of our cake competition.

And some happy if bemused hostel dwellNOMNOMNOM.

You may recall yesterday’s moob-friendly competition.

We have a winner:

“I deserve an ‘Okie Doke’ t-shirt because last Thursday night I was walking along Baggot Street [Dublin] telling my Dad how to make an Irish whiskey when I walked into Johnny Giles. After a quick gasp and a pause, I hung up on my Da and ran after him. We started a great chat about this that and everything, the past, Bill and Eamon, I even got a photo with him. It was lovely. But then I mentioned The Damned United [Giles had complained over his characterisation in the book and movie]. I love that film. His face turned stormy and grey, his lips trembled and pointed even further down, and I realised what I’d done. He said it was bullying and he didn’t agree with it at all in any way. He walked away, and I tried to dig myself out of the hole calling at him to keep up the good work, but I’d ruined it. So please give me an Okie Doke T-shirt. I need to redeem myself.” (fryfishboil)

And a Runner-up:

“…Because my brother is going over to Euro 2012 and it’s his birthday on Saturday and I’m too poor to buy him a present so this would be ideal.” (Dave)

Bonus Prize: A tee also goes to Jill ‘Daughter of Bill’ O’Herlihy and a flying pen to George M who wrote: “I deserve the Okie Doke tee because…I’m going to have to stop you there, you can’t be saying things like that.”

Okie Doke tees here.

Jackie Lavin, Eugene Heary (winner of the Apprentice 2011), Bill Cullen and Brian Purcell at the Apprentice You’re Hired Party in The Grafton Lounge last night.


The identity of the latest member of The Bill Cullen Empire has been revealed, albeit a bit sooner than TV3 bosses would have liked.
Cullen pointed the finger approvingly at Eugene Heary in Monday night’s The Apprentice finale on TV3, awarding the Kildare native a €200,000 business package for a new auction company, Auction House.
But for some viewers the suspense was taken out of the final night of the show after Heary’s auctionhouse.ie website announced his success long before Cullen pointed the finger for the last time in this year’s show.
Displaying an admirable skill for both breaking up nouns and adding erroneous capital letters, not to mention an exemplary attention to detail, the site declared: “Auction House is the Brain Child (sic) of Eugene Heary and after 12 long weeks fighting for Bill Cullen’s investment on the apprentice (sic) we are glad to launch our new business together. Auction house (sic) is really different because we are mobile and we take our unique system to you!

Suspense ripped from The Apprentice 2011 final as winner makes premature ejaculation (JOE.ie)

(Photocall Ireland)