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!000 Beasts featuring Janet Grogan: Lord (It’s OK)

!000 Beasts is a project where Irish Musician Cuan Sweeney teams up with like-minded souls in search of perfect electro-pop.

Souls such as golden-throated Janet Grogan.

Emma Harney writes:

Like many people, Cian first became aware of Dubliner Janet Grogan when she took part in The X Factor UK in 2014. Janet was one of the most talked about contestants of that season and her controversial elimination even prompted Simon Cowell to say that he had made a mistake in letting her go.

However, when a Dublin based international music publisher initially introduced Cian to Janet, the duo became a formidable team, writing pop songs for major label artists across the world. It wasn’t long before they co-wrote Lord together, specifically for 1000 Beasts.

Video features Bethany Antonia and Ray Bethley.

Directed by Lochlainn McKenna.

1000 Beasts

Kevin Murphy – We got Salah (Do Do Do Do Do Do)

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly!) writes:

Kevin Murphy is Corks self-professed biggest Liverpool FC fan. He has written a little ditty from his own wild imagination and his own bedroom.

He did this last Tuesday and by yesterday (Thursday) he had over a million hits. He has done over 50 interviews and his dream is now looking like a reality,

The dream is to have ‘The Kop’ singing his song on Sunday as Liverpool attempt to take league leaders Man City down to earth with a good trashing.

The Anfield MC has already promised Kevin he will play it before kick off to inspire the players and encourage the fans.

Kevin is still looking for a ticket for the match on Sunday. He will be heading from Cork to Liverpool in hope that he can get onto The Kop and sing his song in unison with his brethren.

Dare to dream Kevin and you’ll never walk alone.

Calm down, calm down, softlad.

Any excuse

Liverepool Vs Manchester (Sky Sports)


The Remedy Club – When Tom Waits Up

The Remedy Club comprises Aileen Mythen and KJ McEvoy, a Wexford-based couple wedded to Roots/Americana/Country and each other.

New album ‘Lovers, Legends and Lost Causes‘ is out October 8.

The Remedy Club

Nancy-Jane – I’m Not Waiting

A debut video of new year resolve from Irish singer songwriter Nancy-Jane Bulfin.

Nancy-Jane writes:

An Italian friend Sara Pozzerle made the film. A friend of mine of Croatian nationality (Ana Legradi) helped out with the acting. I myself am a Galway native, living in Cork. Another friend Ger helped me with the recording at his home studio Gaff Recordings!

Ger O’Sullivan, a Cork native who actually runs the Gallagher’s open mic (Cork city every Wednesday), has been a big support and is a great musician and person to top it all off.

It’s a feel-good song with a strong positive message that might help motivate people to get started on those new year’s resolutions, or resolve to aim for their dreams.

In fairness.

Nancy Jane

Susie Q – Home

Ruairí McKiernan writes:

Limerick-born musician, singer and songwriter Susie Q, also known as Susan Quirke, is a co-founder of the A Lust For Life organisation alongside Bressie. In her debut track ‘Home’, she takes on some of the challenges facing the world and offers a powerful appeal for peace and understanding.

The video features footage from around the world, expressing some of the chronic suffering that has emerged from the war in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis.

Susie Q

The Swedish Railway Orchestra – Bullet for a Bullfighter

The Swedish Railway Orchestra, brainchild of Dublin musician Rob Smith (top), writes:

The AA single Bullet for a Bullfighter / I Love You (But If You Clap When The Plane Lands, I’ll Leave You!) releases on Christmas Day 2017 and features a new track St Dominique (You’re Alright).

Watch the video for I Love You (But If You Clap When The Plane Lands, I’ll Leave You!) here:  The 3 track single will be available from iTunes, Spotify and all usual outlets from Christmas Day!

The SRO will play two nights at the Grand Social [Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1] on December 28 and 29.

The Swedish Railway Orchestra

City Of – Irish Summer

I guess the wilder days became a story we forgot
The tennis court: a meeting place for those both flesh and not
And they passed into mystery, as far as we’re concerned
Their oath became their history that we then never learned

The Tennis Court – City Of

An unseasonal if musically timeless new EP from Dublin’s ‘City Of’ .

Four original songs embracing inventiveness, proggy elements and impressive musical chops from Stu Daly – bass; Sam Fitzpatrick – keys; Simon King – drums, percussion; Áine Murphy – saxophone; Ciarán Parnell – guitar; Reuben Teskey – vocals and guitar

Irish Summer

Hally – Dreamers Novel (song number 42)

As you may know, Naas-based songsmith Hally is hoping to become first Irish Musician to release 52 songs in 52 weeks.

Cecilia Saviotti writes:

Hally, gave himself an insanely ambitious project. At the beginning of 2017 he set himself the challenge of releasing 52 songs,one song per week, to be completed by the end of the year.

The project is called “Peeling Onions” and not only is he producing one song per week (writing, recording, mixing and mastering all of them by himself) he is also creating a custom made video for each track.

There are only 4 weeks to go and 9 songs left … will he make it?

Hally is hoping to go live on Facebook to present his final piece of work, on Sunday December 31, 2017.

The 2017 video playlist (so far)

Hally (Facebook)

Trick Mist – Fraction

Trick Mist writes:

‘Fraction’ is about those times when you are living as a shadow of yourself. Those rough times when you’re working towards something but it takes its toll on your personality. I was heading to India and sacrifices needed to be made in order for that to happen.

We hope when we make sacrifices that we experience reward. It’s frustrating but ultimately rewarding to come out the other side of it and feel like your full self again.

What the video director Graham Patterson has done with the visual is concealed the element of reward. It’s a striking, exposed and heavy portrayal of sacrifice and we never know whether it’s worth it or not.

So there.

Fraction by Trick Mist (Bandcamp)

Fraction (iTunes) 

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Mother

A spectacular aural and visual rendering of Pink Floyd’s Mother dedicated to the current US administration.

Hilary Phelan writes:

I don’t know how to describe Amanda Palmer’s new video. I’m too stunned to form a sentence.I just know that the media has responded with silence and this needs to get out there.

It would be great if you would publish your thoughts on the video, it deserves to be seen.

Your thoughts?

Amanda Palmer