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Tomorrows – Another Life

John Barker writes:

Myself and Robin Ball started a music website last year called Press Record The idea was to provide an alternative platform for acts wishing to promote their music. One of the main features of the site involves us making videos of acts performing new material live in Asylum Studios in Dublin 2.

So far we’ve worked with the likes of Jape, Le Galaxie, All Tvvins, HamsandwicH, Fight Like Apes, and lots more – over 70 videos in total. Above is our latest video featuring [hook-laden, psych-tinged, Dublin four-piece] Tomorrows.

Tomorrows (Facebook)

Press Record


Codes – And Arrows And Aaarows

Rapturous and wordy new single from tasty Dublin-based electronic quintet.

Ray (guitar, vocals, piano and synth) writes:

 Taken from our second studio album ‘AALTARS’. It’s out on the 18th September but you can preorder now via iTunes and Amazon [link below]. We also play Whelan’s [Camden Street, Dublin] on the 19th September to celebrate the release. Many thanks to our fans who helped in the making of this album through a very successful crowd-funding campaign.

Stonking, in fairness.


Video by Daragh Anderson


Three Whiskeys and one can.

A darkly boozy number from the musical Gotta Make That Train currently showing at the Tivoli Theatre, Francis Street, Dublin until Saturday (September 5).

The C&W tuner stars Sandy Kelly, Morgan Jones and Ian Bustard who sings the above number and co-wrote the score with Noella Brennan.

Yee and, if you will, haw.

Gotta Make That Train


The Crossfire – Streetlight Angel

Pete Murphy writes:

Introducing The Crossfire, a rock quintet from Dublin [Seán Buckley on Lead Vocals, Matt Brady on Lead Guitar, Chris Murphy on Rhythm Guitar, Seán Keeley on Bass, and Adam Shanahan on Drums]. Where other acts nowadays shy away from the mainstream, The Crossfire write unashamedly big songs to be played in big places.

They wear their influences firmly on their sleeves… U2, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, The Killers… and make no secret of their ambition to play the same stages, and to the same size crowds as their heroes. For these guys, indie obscurity is not an option. As they say themselves “There are no gimmicks or fads, just a driving ambition and desire to play these songs to as many as possible.”

The Crossfire (Facebook)