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Rude boys especially.

Interskalactic at this Summer’s Body & Soul festival.

Rónán O’Neill writes:

“Interskalactic are a 10-piece band performing first wave, old-school, big band Jamaican Ska. We opened up the Main Stage on the Saturday of this year’s Body & Soul, managed to have great craic, get people up and dancing and also get the whole thing recorded in the process! Hope some people get a buzz out of the video. We’ve a pretty busy schedule for the rest of the year too, so if anyone’s digging the tunes they can check out some tracks and our upcoming schedule on Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud, Cheers!”


Florence Olivier – Portals.

They’re having a laugh.

Florence writes:

“Question: What’s pink & black and makes pop music? Answer: A gorilla with a pink keytar. Oh, and FLORENCE OLIVIER. This is the latest of Florence Olivier’s Summer-y offerings – presented here with accompanying video jam-packed full of stupid jokes… because everyone knows that stupid jokes are the best….”



Decent US hip hop in Dublin.

Leon Butler writes:

“With the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gig just around the corner [July 10 Marlay Park,] here is some of what happened when they played Dublin last. The guys were over for the two sold out night in the O2 we filmed them over the two nights for their tour film.
“This is the cut we put together out of our own material. There is a longer version that explains the origins of the trad music used in Irish Celebration but its 12 minutes which is a bit of a stretch for the web….”

Macklemore And Lewis?


‘Future Tense’ – Florence Olivier

Florence sez:.

“In 2014, three Dublin musicians decided to channel Florence Olivier into short pop-filled bursts. Each of these bursts begins with a movie. Elements of the plot, its characters, or their motivations are thrown into a blender with a healthy dash of synth & melody, then the results are recorded for posterity. There are kernels of these particular films remaining in each Florence Olivier song. See if you can spot them.”



Florence Olivier (Facebook)