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The Crossfire – Streetlight Angel

Pete Murphy writes:

Introducing The Crossfire, a rock quintet from Dublin [Seán Buckley on Lead Vocals, Matt Brady on Lead Guitar, Chris Murphy on Rhythm Guitar, Seán Keeley on Bass, and Adam Shanahan on Drums]. Where other acts nowadays shy away from the mainstream, The Crossfire write unashamedly big songs to be played in big places.

They wear their influences firmly on their sleeves… U2, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, The Killers… and make no secret of their ambition to play the same stages, and to the same size crowds as their heroes. For these guys, indie obscurity is not an option. As they say themselves “There are no gimmicks or fads, just a driving ambition and desire to play these songs to as many as possible.”

The Crossfire (Facebook)



Nova Collective – Samba de Amor

Dublin bossa nova eight piece brings samba to the masses.

Dan Finnegan writes;

You may like this…Pretty heartwarming piece that captures Irish and Brazilian cultures interacting, and all the social awkwardness and bravado that goes with it….

Shot on location on the East Pier, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin by Tom Speers.

Nova Collective (Facebook)

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Shrug Life – Funderland

Like is a wobbly indoor rollercoaster.

Danny Carroll, of Shrug Life, writes:

Filmed in Dublin involving mime-face, office drudgery and LUAS struggles. We’re releasing our debut EP via Popical Island this Saturday 25th of July with a gig in Bello Bar, [Portobello, Dublin]….

Directed by Dave Knox.

Featuring Thom McDermott as ‘ass**** office manager’ and Fiona Lucia McGarry as ‘Girl On Bench’.

Shrug Life


Desmond Everest.

Shot over one evening with “a few beers” by Dublin docklands on Desmond’s last night in Ireland.

Gavin Hartigan writes:

Hailing from Oregon via Granada, Spain, Desmond Everest plays on a small travel guitar , his lyrics pull from experiences both home and abroad, giving an insight into the highs and lows of a foreigner in another country….


Neon Atlas – I Never Felt So Good

Promoter Pete Murphy writes:

Another wee video gem from the Pete Murphy House of Hits*. This time it’s from Cork trio ‘Neon Atlas’, and their new single ‘I Never Felt So Good’…Taken from the album Graffiti Reality’ which goes on release on July 31…

Directed by John Vaughan and Colm Walsh

Neon Atlas (Facebook)

* Not a real house