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Hey Ewe.

An Irish-made epic sheep puzzle game.

Worth shearing.

JP Vaughan of Rocket Rainbow writes;

“I’m one of the developers on Hay Ewe and wanted to let you know about its global release on the AppStore Tomorrow [Thursday, October9].
It’s being published in partnership with UK publishing veteran Team17 Ltd, the guys who made Worms, and is the first title from Rocket Rainbow.
We’re a very small Irish game developer that began life after the US company, PopCap, closed its Dublin studio back in September 2012. There’s not many games development jobs in Ireland, PopCap was the largest when it was here employing 96 people, so we had to choose between going abroad or doing it ourselves. Thankfully we went with the latter and although it has been Lidl noodles and little pay for the past year and a half, we are still delighted with the decision. It would be great if you got the word out.”

Rocket Rainbow

Hay Ewe released for iOS this week! (Gamasutra)


Sails – Lakes

Joe Furlong of Sails writes:

“This is our debut single “Lakes”. I thought you may like it and was hoping you could share it with the broadsheet folk. The launch gig is tomorrow night (Wednesday) in the Button Factory with Support from All The Luck In The World and Elephant. Tickets are €10 including a copy of the single….

Directed by Stephen Patrick Allen


Let’s Set Sail – Marbles on the Shore

Warren writes:

“A nice song and video about the mass emigration we have experienced in recent years.. It contains some beautiful shots of Dublin. It has just been released by the Dublin band, Let’s Set Sail who will play this Friday, October 17, at the Oxjam event in Francis Street. Dublin…”

Let’s Set Sail


‘Vignettes of a dysfunctional relationship between two snails’


Participant – Shelter

Bob Gallagher writes:

“A video I directed for my friend Stephen (Participant) for his song Shelter. My Goddaughter Iseult cast the snails from her garden (with her dad) and I shot it with help from the brilliant Deirdre O’Toole. The cast are all safe and sound, and still very cute and very gross in equal measure. …”

Snail wrangler : Anthony Donnelly


Maria Webster – Relief

A sumptuous video created by Dublin-based director Kate Dolan for California-based Singer/Songwriter Mariah Wester and shot by cinematographer Philip Blake in the Wicklow mountains “on a low budget, using an Irish cast and crew”.

Sez Kate:

The song is based on Mariah’s struggle with depression over the last few years and I think can be related to by many people, anywhere in the world. The video focuses more so on the positive influences in your life which can help you overcome dark times in your life…”

Thanks Aoife Kelly


You May have liked W O M A N by  [Cork eight-piece 'prog soul' outfit ] Shookrah (top),

You’re not alone.

Shookrah writes:

“Since it’s release last week, the video and song has circulated very well and has got notice from Hot Press and the Irish Independent and is starting to receive some radio play. We wanted to share it with you guys at Broadsheet in anticipation of our EP which comes out October 13th.”


‘The video depict[s] a futuristic Neo-Dublin in all its shady glory. Sleek but grimy, the film shows a slice of life of one of Dublin’s proto-robotic street crawlers. A study in sentience and consciousness amid a hail of badass synthery!”


Speed of Snakes - Backbone of Night

Kits writes:

“Filmed in the old John Player Blue factory [South Circular Road, Dublin]  by an Irish director (Stevie Russell), Irish band and Irish crew that even has a cute kitten in it, what more could you want? Pretty great, methinks.Hope you like it….”


Storyfold – The Lost and The Lonely

Pete Murphy writes:

“Here’s the charming new video from Storyfold, all filmed in one afternoon on Dublin’s South Circular Road. We started at Kilmainham Jail, past IMMA, Rialto, Dolphin’s Barn, the old John Player factory, the boxing stadium, the Dublin Mosque, three Catholic churches, Polish shops, Lithuanian shops, African shops, Griffith College, many restaurants, pharmacies, hairdressers, cafés, butchers and grocery stores. To all those people who live there, walk the road and make it what it is, thank you. We hope you like it…”

Video “put together” by Billy Keane from WRK Productions.

Storyfold (Facebook)