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I Heart the Monster Hero – Toni Bailey.

Andy Walsh writes:

“Shot while playing a set in the concourse of Heuston station [Dublin] as part of the HWCH in the city for the Forbidden Fruit festival this summer. It was pretty fun to play in the station, suffice to say the reactions captured in the video are real…”

Available to purchase here

fox jaw

Fox Jaw – Falling Debris

Topical music for the re-possessed.

Shane Serrano writes:

“A video for Irish band Fox Jaw…It’s a political satire music video… critiquing The Economy, The Church, The Banks… and even Garth Brooks! It’s been getting retweets from the likes of Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and even Ash’s Tim Wheeler….”

Fox Jaw (Facebook)


If you enjoy getting woken up by three gentlemen with a message about the crapness of mainstream media, a thumping melody and a pleasing multi-layered new wave jerky guitar sound.

And who but the most prudish, ‘prog’-loving insomniac does not, in fairness?

Dirty Words – Wake Up!

‘Words-er Colin Hassard writes:

“This is a song we wrote commenting on media news reporting – particularly in reference to the Gaza crisis, spin-doctoring and the grand idea of where we are going as a society…”


Dirty Words (Facebook)

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it’s lengthy, trippy and premiered on Vice’s electronic music channel Thump last night.

Clu – “Mirrors”

“Inspired by 1980’s science fiction films, contemporary dance and 8 bit computer soundtracks a la Donkey Kong…”

The new single off Clu’s Debut EP ‘Gems’ out on August 26. Pre-order here

Written and directed by Kevin A Freeney. Music composed, recorded and produced by Sean Cooley. Starring Aaron Heffernan and Janna Kemperman.