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The Kerbs – Changes

Alex writes:

With the heartbreaking news from last night .. perhaps our new stop-motion music video might cheer up the nation a little bit?

With no budget, a fondness for drinking tea, and by painstakingly stitching together nearly 3500 photos, new Irish alternative rock band ‘The Kerbs’ tell the imperfect love story of two mugs of tea with the release of heartfelt debut single ‘Changes’.


The Kerbs (Facebook)

Fergal Edward – Barriers

Dublin singer songwriter Fergal writes:

Having recorded my EP at the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t sure how to release it. I was stuck, basically paralyzed by a fear of putting all my work out into the online abyss.

Then late one night at a festival, luckily with my camera by my side, I spotted a luminescent butterfly struggling through the long grass, avoiding being trampled on by clumsy festival-goers.

He then takes a lifeline in the form of the hand of one of those revellers, which gives him the chance to gather his wings, and finally fly off to fulfill his airborne potential.

This moment seemed so perfectly matched with my song ‘barriers’, which is about being isolated, lacking the courage to move forward as you know you should, until you realise that sometimes you need another person to help you get where you need to be.


Fergal Edward (Facebook)

Randolf And The Crokers – Home

A new single from Limerick band’s upcoming EP ‘Tales of Little lanes’ out on November 3 (launching in Dolans, Limerick)

Directed, Shot & Edited by Shane Serrano.

Randalf And The Crokers

Thanks Keith

Eoin Glackin – Wear it While You Can

Pete Murphy writes:

The song is inspired by the story of K.V. “Kathy” Switzer, who controversially entered the Boston Marathon in 1966, when it was still a Men Only race.

The song developed into this barn burning, foot stomping single with the core message of do what you want while you are still able, “Why wait on the end when the end it waits on us?”.


Animator: Daniel Barbosa Flavio

Donegal native Eoin plays The Workman’s Club (10, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2] on December 2.

Eoin Glackin

Leigh Michal and Staz – Cosmic Couch EP

Following their Conor McGregor tribute ‘Untouchable’, Leigh Michael (top left) & Staz, (FKA ‘Kali’ ) return with a new EP of psychedelic Hip Hop.

To wit:

“Drawing inspiration from philosophical interests, ‘Cosmic Couch’ explores the notion that great insight and wonder can be found in simple day to day living.”

The four track EP Cosmic Couch is available for streaming and download here:

Video by Ross Curran

Leigh Michael

Lucie Azconaga – Breakdown In Ghostown

Paul writes:

A new single from French-born but Dublin-based musician Lucie Azconaga. Hope you enjoy it.

Lucie Azconaga

Lucie Azconga (Facebook)

Hooligan feat Christy Dignam – Justa Nother Teenage Rebel

Eugene Connolly writes:

I just thought this unique video might be of some interest to your regulars.

It is the lead track of the recently launched 4 track Teenage Rebel EP by Dublin punk band Hooligan featuring Christy Dignam on vocals.

Entitled ‘Justa Nother Teenage Rebel’, it’s a cover of the original song by The Outcasts on Good Vibrations in 1978.

Christy & I cut our musical teeth in the white heat of those early punk days & The Outcasts were a particular favourite live at The Dandelion Market, The Project Arts Centre & McGonagles.

Released on Reekus Records by Elvera Butler, it has added significance as it was she who released Aslan’s legendary first single ‘This Is’ in 1986.

The CD for sale on general release next Wednesday 18th in Tower Records & available for upload also.

Hooligan  (Facebook)

Rosborough – Burn Blue

Just ‘dropped’ by Glenn Rosborough, a singer songwriter from Derry,

Glenn writes:

“I started my musical life from a very early age, teaching myself guitar at the age of ten and writing songs from the year after. Growing up in a musical household, with childhood heroes such as Tom Waits, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, becoming a musician was not a destined path but as realistic a career as becoming a lawyer, plumber or doctor. My parents made sure of that.”

Glenn Rosborough (Facebook)

Trainman Blues – Wholesome Treat

For the day that’s in it.

Via Trainman Blues:

Trainman Blues is a 4 piece modern blues/roots band, soaking the rawness and simplicity of 50’s style blues with modern production techniques. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band is comprised of Irish singer/guitarist Richard Farrell, Ronni Boysen on guitar (Kokomo king and Mud Morgenfield), Laust Nielsen (Blues Producer and Mojo’s in-house Bass player) and drummer Thomas Crawfurd ( Fried Okra Band).

Trainman Blues (Facebook)